ATP Indian Wells: Rafael Nadal defeats Carlos Alcaraz (6-4, 4-6, 6-3) in the semi-finals

Carlos Alcaraz grew well, but that wasn’t enough. On Saturday, his illustrious elder Rafael Nadal reiterated his last words in the semifinals at Indian Wells. In the California desert, both players have done a lot of work because they sometimes had to suffer from extremely windy conditions. Undefeated after 20 games in 2022, Mallorca used his experience and the science of “money time” to play 3 sets (6-4, 4-6, 6-3) and 3 hours 10 minutes. I won in the play of. The 37th Masters 1000 title against Taylor Fritz on Sunday.

Tennis is a sport that takes place in a duel (at least singles) on a court with a racket, with Rafael Nadal winning in the end. The diversion of Gary Lineker’s quote may not be happy, but this is a formula that can summarize the beginning of the season. Neither Sebastian Korda, who led the 5-2 double break in the third set, Nick Kyrgios in the quarter, or Carlos Alcaraz in the half, could beat California’s invincible Mallorca. Still, this Saturday, the Murcia genius frustrated him to the middle of the third set.

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Alcaraz managed the wind well and recovered

Despite his youth, Alcaraz thus showed that he already has many personality strengths. The 18-year-old managed his frustration well, with a second set of strong winds that caused the towels to fly and the net pegs to fall, making him almost unplayable. Just putting the ball on the court required the two men to constantly adjust and compensate, making it impossible to continue service for five consecutive games. And at 4-4, after about 20 minutes of walking on a tightrope with Nadal’s commitment, Alcaraz found a phenomenal Rob to get a break that would allow him to fully resurrect.

Rafael Nadal at Indian Wells in 2022

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With a little hindsight, I could finally think that the wind somehow helped the two young Spanish. In the first set, Alcaraz tended to overplay, despite the hot start and entry break of backhand missiles. Apparently nervous, he wanted to overdo it. Nadal logically controls the four games by aligning them from 0-2 to 4-2 before removing 6-4, committing more than 20 unforced errors in a more consistent and solid round. Did. .. Far from the level developed in the previous lap, his brother may have been frustrated, but on the contrary, he used the breeze to reason for himself.

Always exemplary, Nadal still refused to defeat

In the exchange, far more patients gradually reversed the trend until they were able to weaken their strength, significantly increase the initial percentage by waiting for the correct ball to attack, and defeat the idol. .. A hard blow (39 to 20 shots) forced Nadal to stay defensive until he scored 3 break points 2-2 in the final act. However, the cornered “Bull of Manacor” did not surrender and overcame it, so to speak, thanks to several blows of the horn and the aggression of salvation. As a surfing champion with irresistible confidence, he seized his only opportunity on the set 4-3 with a fierce forehand volley.

In a sense, Nadal taught a new lesson to those who seemed destined to succeed him. He showed her how to fetch a knife match. 18-year-old Alcaraz still has a lot to learn, but this kind of match constitutes accelerated training. On the contrary, the 35-year-old phenomenon is an eternally exemplary attitude, refusing to be defeated over and over again. Therefore, Taylor Fritz, who touched his calf at the end of the first semi-final, knows the big challenge waiting for him for the first final at the Masters 1000. I wish him good luck.

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