Auch spotlights Europe throughout May

The “Beautiful Moon in Europe” is back on May 5th. In addition to exhibitions and activities for children, sports will appear in the European Moon program.

Auch is preparing to adopt European colors. Two years after the blank, the “Beautiful Moon in Europe” is back on a busy schedule from May 5th to 20th. “This European moment allows us all to talk about Europe. We really need it and please the Mayor of Christian La Prevende. It is firmly fixed among the citizens. I don’t think. We have to work and remember what Europe is and its interests. “”

Key Novelties of the Year: Involvement of the City Sports Association through the City Sports Office. This will allow the Auch convention to be integrated into European festivals. “This event has attracted more and more people, and we wanted to give it another appeal,” explains WHO. Organized for three days in the front yard of the cathedral (May 10 and 12 for school children, May 14 for families), Auch Games has 27 teams, one for each member of the European Union. You can see the school labeled Generation 2024 consisting of. A circus art demonstration will also be provided by Pop Circus, with approximately 15 young people from Calatayud (Aragon, Spain) participating.

Even if sports appear in the program, the culture still stands out, especially the activities planned by Atelier des berges du Gers. “We are celebrating this Europe with an exhibition of 10 European artists as part of our 30th anniversary,” explains Jean Majorel. All areas presented in this exhibition are taught within the association, which also aims to involve the general public by organizing frescoes in the front yard of the cathedral on Saturday, May 14th. “We will provide paints, markers and pastel to the European monuments to express ourselves,” he said, stating that anyone can participate in this fresco. City Council member Philippe Marcelin, who is in charge of European affairs, welcomes this initiative. “We are moving in the direction we were looking for in Europe this week. It’s good to have a population and participation.”

Night in solidarity with Ukraine

The concept of solidarity is also emphasized and will be led by the Twin Association of Auch-Calatayud and Auch-Memmingen, and UNICEF on the evening of May 14th in Europe and Ukraine. “Given the concerns in Europe and Ukraine, it seemed necessary to organize the night for the benefit of young Ukrainians,” explains Jean-Pierre Espio.

A week dedicated to specialties from different European countries, prepared in the central kitchen for Australian school students, will bring the European festival to life.

The European Direct Center will also be attending Open Day from May 5th and will hold an information stand during the demonstration in the front yard of the cathedral the following week. “2022 is the year of youth in Europe. It is important to have easy access to information on all the possibilities that Europe has. Philip Marcelin believes. The Europe Direct Center is an office. I was asked to export and enter the area. I will contact the residents, provide information and give more meaning.


May 5th, 7pm Cri’art: Roma Jazzing Europe Concert (free admission) May 7th to 15th in the alleys of Etini: Italo-Gascons Friends Italian Village May 9th, 9am Ciné 32: Italy Film hybrids (students: € 3; regular price) May 10-23: Exhibition of European artists at Atelier des berges du Gers (5 chemin du moulin de la Ribère) (Monday-Saturday from 3 pm) Free access until 7:00 pm) May 11th 2 30-5: 30 pm .: Organized by Uniday and Unisef. May 11th, 3:00 pm: Children’s show “L’ogress hairy” by Italo-Gascons Friends (reservation recommended, free admission from 6 years old) May 14th, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm : Fresco “Draw me Europe” May 14, in front of the cathedral in the front yard of the cathedral, 3:00 pm: Auch game, children aged 7 to 15 years, circus demonstration at Pop Circus. May 14 , 8:00 pm, in Auch: Solidarity Evening Europe-Ukraine. Booked meals (price: 20 euros, of which 2 euros will be donated to UNICEF) May 20, 7:00 pm: evening snacks at Atelier de Berges du Gel (Price: 20 euros)