Aude and Water Sports: Mondial Duvent is ready to take off at Leucate-La Franki

Starting Tuesday, April 26th, the international elite of water sports, wing foils, windsurfing and kitesurfing will gather in Leucate for the 25th edition of Mondial du Vin.

Not only did the Mondial du vent celebrate its 25th anniversary, but due to a health crisis, one was canceled and the other was a limited edition of sports competition, with the masses returning to the sandy beaches of Lafranchi two years later. And this program attracts the audience with the first and only French leg of the GWA Wing Foil World Cup.

Wing foil, the latest water sport, is now essential everywhere on the planet. The rider is propelled by a very light inflatable wing controlled by the steering wheel. To move around, he has a board with foil at his feet, which allows him to glide tens of centimeters above the surface of the water. He guarantees sensation with freestyle and slalom.

Eighty-four riders have confirmed their existence. From April 26th to May 1st, 2022, 74 men and 10 women will compete at the Voyage Stadium in Roykate Lafranchi. Among them are Canadian brothers Jeffrey and Finspencer, American Christopher McDonald, Italian Ricardo Zorzin, and Swiss Francesco Capzzo. Balz Müller and Maxime Chabloz. On the French side, it is the first female King of the Air in 2021 for Wingfoil World Champion Tetouan Galea, as well as third-place holder Hugo Marin, and for girls. Angelie Buyo! Other areas include Charles Brodel, Kitefoil Freestyle World Champion, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Windsurfing Champion, Camille and Julien Bouyer.

But the party isn’t just on the water! With the return of the citizens, a sliding village will also be opened to welcome them. Urban sports will be featured on skateboards, scooters, BMX demonstrations, and climbing walls. For young children, pedal cars, construction site games, trampolines, as well as origami and make-up workshops, and sea libraries. The Narbonese PNR and Lion Bay Marine Nature Park offer different activities every day: butterflies, feathers, marine life, protected species … and several concerts scheduled for the evenings of April 28th, 29th, and 30th. I am. In terms of equipment, trial fairs allow practitioners to discover and test the latest innovations from popular brands. The impact is not negligible for those involved in the local economy, and more broadly for those involved in the territory. “The season begins early thanks to Mondial Duvent. Observe Arnaud and Stephanie Gardice, managers of the Chinook surf shop since 1999. His event focuses on Leucate throughout Europe and beyond. It attracts people all year round. It allows us to integrate our work. Today we are 15 years old in the high season and 12 years old in the year. A network linked to board sports. The whole has been developed. There are more than 7 surf shops in town, KSL, France’s largest kite surfing club, and numerous kite and wing schools. Mondial is a strength at the beginning of the season and equipment updates. It’s a moment. In numbers, April is the same thing you can do in the most important months, July and August. “

“Big accelerator”

Olivier Dandresses, manager of Oliv Voilerie, who specializes in repairing kites, wings and windsurfing boards, said: Season. Leucate is a kite and windsurfing resort. Compared to seaside resorts like Narbonne Plage and Saint-Pierre, where the season lasts for two months, Leucate runs from Easter to Toussaint. Mondial was a very big accelerator. Overall Leucate Awareness Except for July and August, I think the number of ski participants is 80%. 60-70% of my customers are vacationers, especially those who come to sail. The number of jobs related to board sports is enormous. , This is equivalent to 30-40 jobs a year in the municipality. “