Aude-Drought: “This decision is at the expense of the Whitewater Sports sector.”

Didier Astre, a treasurer at Aude Vive, a divisional group of whitewater sports companies, is amazed at the sudden steps taken to deprive the sector of the resources needed for this summer’s practice.

How do you react to the prefecture’s announcement that it is impossible to guarantee a flow rate of 7 m3 / s to navigate an eight-seater raft?

On the 28th, the Spring White Water Treaty will not be implemented, so I remember having to deal with the crisis situation in April, which was to cancel the scheduled 16 water cannons. However, we were doing the right snow and hydraulic measurements. However, the EDF and the country have evoked a war in Ukraine and have chosen to prioritize hydropower.

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The announcement regarding this summer’s activities reached 7 million meters on June 20th.3 The amount of water in Matmar Dam will reach 8 million in the following week. Therefore, the water continued to fill. However, on June 30, 24 hours before the start of the season, it was informed that it would not benefit from a treaty-based release that guarantees access to 1.2 million meters.3..

You seem to be as surprised by the substance as this form of decision.

Since April 28, we have been asking for answers to obtain the technical and analytical elements of the resources that led to this decision, but we did not receive a reply. We are desperate to hold an emergency meeting. At Aude, we are confident that we have been able to adjust all uses. Since 2017, a drought scenario has occurred, allowing all torrent users to limit their use, and the release has changed from 6 hours to 5 hours. Therefore, I proposed to switch to this configuration in the summer in the spring. Our sector is not a sampler, especially as I remind you. Volume can be reused over time due to agriculture, drinking water, French navigable waterways, support for flow targets, and low water levels.

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I also want to clarify the ambiguity. Standardized at 7m.3/ s The flow required to exercise at hydrospeed or rafting.But at these 7 meters3/ s, the first 5 are released for agriculture and require 2m modulation3 6 hours or more. When the prefecture talks about the diversification of professional activities, it should be pointed out that we have spent a long time in nature, such as canoeing, canoeing and canyoning. But rafting is a loss leader. Rafting accounts for 52% of our services.

Do you understand the prefecture when it comes to the “priority” of drinking water and plant production?

Of course, I agree with this point. However, this decision sacrifices us, ruining the sector representing 100 jobs (sales of € 2.5 million according to a 2017 survey), and the reality feels twisted. Even if we disappear, it does not help the situation of water resources. These choices cast doubt on the establishment of general interest groups needed to manage resources from a general perspective. Wouldn’t these decisions be a way to cruelly exclude us from future systems?

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