Aude: White water sports are recovering

The White Water Sports and Outdoor Activities sector is resuming development projects to become one of the strongest links to green tourism along the Aude River.

The Aude Vive Association, a divisional group of white water sports companies, plans to bow in 2022. After the 2018 and 2020 vintages, Aude Vive is followed by a two-year Covid who lost some of him. Flock, the outlook for 2022 is pretty optimistic. “We are on the upsideExplaining the accounting of the Association Didi Airstre, It promises a strong economic and tourist recovery with the revival of all civilians, individuals, holiday centers and business seminars. With the addition of foreign customers (mainly Belgians, Dutch and Germans), French customers acquired during the health crisis continue to book in Aude.

It must be said that the department has some assets in its river, its true backbone. The first concern is that Aude is the only river in Occitanie, capable of navigating about 150 km and practicing all the sports of whitewater, canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed, canoeing and paddles in the central part. I can do it. Autovalet, which hosted the French kayak championships in 1987 and 1997, was to receive them again in 2021, but was canceled due to Covid. A new project was submitted in 2024.
Another concern of Aude is its beautifully preserved environment, which enables the development of green tourism in the economically devastated sector of the Upper Valley and works in line with the environment and thus ecology. “This development is one of the driving forces of the sector’s tourism chain.Rejoice in Didier Astre, Create direct and indirect work (Accommodation, catering, etc.) Therefore, participate in collective dynamics.
Sufficient water is still needed to achieve these goals. On this subject, Aude Vive emphasizes the important nature of mastering the management and coordination of water resources. “We will sail throughout the summer, thanks to the Matmar Agreement with the farmers and the amount of water allocated to agriculture, and the Eau de Pyrenees and EDF commune to ensure specific water emissions. Negotiated a white water agreement with the community of. An additional system that enhances the collective use of water for more than 16 days in the spring. Can be used for all other uses, drinking water, irrigation, power generation, environment, or midi canal. .. Didier Astre has specified renegotiation- “decide” -Of these amounts of water, it must be done in the sub-prefecture on April 28th.

For their development, whitewater sports must also play on training levers, and Aude Vive is driving the creation of a specialized sector at Aude, as detailed by Didier Astre. increase. “First, we will set up a training course with Kyan Vocational High School, and young people from the second grade to the final grade will prepare for DEJEPS. (Youth, Popular Education, Sports State Diploma) or DPJEPS (Professional diploma) White water sports or rock climbing options. We also carry out Narbonne Sports Trade CFA and canoe kayak training actions. Finally, within two years, recognizing the need for an enhanced diploma in 4th place Aude, we would like to resume professional training for adults to supervise our discipline. (Of 6) From a technical point of view. “

Another development project is the continuation of river continuity. This means you don’t have to get off because the canoeing equipment passes through. “We are working on four passes around the intersection of Carcassonne and two other passes in the Tourouzelle / Omps sector. That Aude has 35 dams from its source to its mouth. I know.”

This equipment is a necessary prerequisite for creating a sectoral voyage hiking plan across the linear. “We want to enhance leisure hiking, practice for everyone, and rejuvenate sporting events. To do this, we need equipment.”Didier Astre concludes.

Several digits of white water sports sector

According to a 2017 survey of the overall vocational and development outlook, the Whitewater Sports / Outdoor Activities sector accounts for approximately 53,000 tourist accommodation services (50% for rafting, 50% for canoeing and canyoning) annually, with an average basket. There are various activities of 35 euros per person, and about 100 direct employment and 2.5 million sales.
This sector is supported by the Aude Vive Association, a divisional group of 16 companies via Alet and Limoux, from Aude to Puichéric, as well as four associations and La Forge à Quilan as a municipality.
Inside and outside the ode, there are five whitewater sports: canyoning, canoeing, rafting, hydrospeed, and canoe rafting (a more difficult route than canoeing).
A company-sponsored online video recently promoted its assets to highlight and promote the destinations of Whitewater Sports Aether ( You can see it).