Avignon, Country of Games 2024: Avignon City Hall

2021-2024: 4 years of sports dynamics based on 5 priority areas

Axis 1: Rhythm by sporting different life spans of our children

School involvement from the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year in consultation with the National Education, Olympic Sports Commission (CDOS 84) and the Union of Primary Education and Sports (USEP): More than 18 schools and 82 classes mobilized In the process of sterling, the creation of the Olympic Games … in addition to sharing the emotions of sports, the games, and the values ​​they convey, these of these initiatives and sports conferences organized for the children of Avignon. Time will connect with the city’s efforts within the framework of the label “City is child friendly”.

Extracurricular activities can also include sports, cultural and art projects before and after the 2024 Olympics. Therefore, the Avignon Loisir Jeunesse Base and the Extracurricular Activities Center of Accuille de Roisir Saint-Rogerment (ALSH) integrate the values ​​of the Olympic Games with references to the Paralympics. The red thread of their educational project.The Telethon-related Olympic and Paralympic Sports Week welcomed 423 children at the end of November 2021.

Activities were also provided as part of the February 2022 SOP Olympic and Paralympic Week, and the project was submitted and validated by the Paris 2024 OCOG (120 children benefited from these activities).

The city’s sports courses during school holidays and summer events planned as part of the “Avignon Summer” operation will introduce everyone to all aspects and diversity of physical and sporting practices. Complete this mobilization for the purpose of. Since the summer of 2021, the “Summer of Avignon” scheme has taken on the colors of sports and Olympism, along with proposals for Olympic-themed sporting activities and intergenerational events.

In 2021, more than 1,000 children were able to participate through these various initiatives to learn and raise awareness about Olympic and Paralympic sports activities.

Priority 2: Involve and mobilize Avignon’s sports world

To unite Avignon and Avignon around this formidable event hosting the Olympic Games in France, the city wants to associate its sports club. This partnership can be expressed through the participation of sports clubs and university sports associations in the city’s projects and activities, and through the latter support for events and initiatives that emphasize the value of Olympism for wearing together. You can greatly clear the color of Avignon Sports until 2024.

Priority 3: Let’s vibrate “TERRE DEJEUX” throughout the year!

Rich in sporting events that support live or associative fabrics, the city wants to work on promoting and labeling the major event, Tour de Jou 2024, that will highlight Avignon’s sports calendar this year. I am. Unified popular years such as Tour de la Provence, Tour de la Provence (more than 1,000 runners attended on March 27 after absent from the tour for two years), Nocturne des Papes, 10 km from the Pope’s city, Vélo Passion… Forum des Part of the General Assembly and its “Sports Village” and “Provence Sports” villages have been integrated into extracurricular activities around Olympic Day.

Spades and Paralympics, as well as Olympist days, are included in the dynamics of this “land of the game” (especially through the universalism of the underlying practices).

Axis 4: Become All Players with “TERREDEJEUX 2024”

By setting up one-off activities and regular meetings, the city will give as many people as possible access to physical and leisure activities in Avignon, and our more participatory in the local living space. Some parks are directly supported by the park as part of the budget. In addition to the offers and CCAS developed by the city for the elderly, this summer the city’s parks and gardens, especially LaPlaine. DesSports and Parc Chico Mendes offer free sports workshops for everyone. , Two iconic sites for these free sports exercises.

AXIS 5: We will continue to support the dynamics of refurbishment and modernization of our sporting goods

The ambition to democratize sports and make Avignon people proud of their daily lives is closely linked to their strong policy on sporting goods. The “Terre de Jeux 2024” label should be able to promote the city’s sports heritage, such as Halles Sportsives Génicoud, which was chosen as the preparatory center for the 2024 convention.

Plaine des Sports, Nautical Stadium, Halles Sports Génicoud, Roland Montet Dojo, Gillardeaux Stadium, Jacquesand Andrée Peyronne Gymnasium, Manen Stadium, Martelle Gymnasium … Many sports facilities have been renovated by the city in 6 years. Recently, the Philippe de Girard Gymnasium will be the first facility to be opened under the Olympic flag. Over the next four years, four local swimming pools, especially Jean Clément and Chevalier de Folard, Chevalier de Folard Gymnasium and Champfleury Arms Room, will change.

Phase 3 work follows Phase 2 of Planet des Sports, which was launched last summer and allowed the offer to be completed on a free-access sports structure (development of two mini-tennis courts, badminton courts and grass volleyball). Started in March 2022, created a large crossroads from Avenue de la Mandie. This true green setting of 7 hectares is completely dedicated to sports and relaxation practice.

After being selected by CDOS and USEP in June 2021 to host the World Olympic and Paralympic Athletic Meet at the Beaukleuse School, Plain Desports will be mobilized this year by the Adaptation Sports Division Committee for JOP Animation.

2024: Olympic year, Avignon deification, game country

From December 1st to 31st, 2024, there will be more action and initiative for sports practice and events in Avignon. Of course, there are also highlights from July 26th to August 11th, when the Paris Olympics will be held.

To complement the ambitions and momentum driven by the Olympic year in preparation for the year of all possibilities, 2024, Avignon brings the living power of Avignon’s nationally and internationally recognized sports world to life. We are seizing this wonderful opportunity to rally. Therefore, in addition to the establishment of the Terre de Jeux 2024 Strategic Committee, which consists of personalities that support the value of sports, the city has established an Agora-type participatory rally to attract all residents, the real box. Through the ideas and imagination of this special year.

Here’s a list of Strategic Committee members to download!