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European Championship in Madrid, April 25-30

27 years high level

Jérôme Careil, the new national technical director of badminton in France, said at Thierry Soler, 54, looking for “a very talented person who can read our discipline from” other places “.” I think I found the chosen person. “He quickly identified some obstacles, some of which asked me questions, but he provided the answer, just as he did for the desired contracting.” Or, in the world rankings. Even the balance between the race for points and the time spent training players.

“I fell in love with American football at the University of Grenoble in 1985,” the former shot put player became a coach of the French senior team from 2003 to 2013 after playing for the Centaur, and then DTN. After the Sochi Olympics, he was selected as the DTN for ice sports. Until when he joined Ghani Yalouuz at Insep in September 2016. A former wrestler who revived athletics at Rio 2016 has commissioned him a brand new performance pole in connection with 23 areas.

“It’s a challenge for the federation.”

Initially, if hesitated to assume the post of Sports Performance Director, Thierry Soller was convinced by participating in the Tokyo Olympics report at the request of Jerome Carreil. Founded in Tonquédec (22) and familiar with Sorrel for 10 years, DTN has formed a sacred duo as senior manager with Spanish Fernandribas, coach of Olympic and triple world champion Carolina Marin. “It was in line with them from the beginning. Complementary and at the same wavelength, one arrival allowed the other to arrive.» »

I don’t have the truth to turn everything upside down. I put myself in what already exists, observe, and work together as much as possible to move the line.

“It is inevitably a challenge for the federation to bring someone from the outside, and it does not deny Isérois. Jérôme demands a performance model that has the consequences that young people must transform into senior medals. We think it’s the right time to arrive. The big advantage of being able to arrive with Fernando, who made the high performance model. Our duo is with a worse expert than if I arrived alone. I should be able to deepen the resonance of. I do not have the truth to turn everything upside down. I position myself in what already exists, observe, cooperate as much as possible, especially spiritual follow-up. Analysis that moves the line, thanks to the contacts you already have about ups, mental dimensions, nutrition, or numbers. Of course, sometimes there will be a little stronger decision. »»

“Of course there is resistance.”

To put an end to the system of “winning, nothing happening, losing, nothing changed” (dixit Careil), DTN relies on a system that “can hold frames without being brutal”. increase. “General organization, long-term development strategy for bad players”, this is Thierry Soller’s mission to reassure potential skeptics. “No, I’m not going to teach them bad things. I just explain to the coach how to train rather than how to play for athletes. This legitimacy issue for people who are not from Cerario is A sports teacher inevitably talked to Gani Yaruse: “He had a great experience with the athlete and knew how to create a special soul with the French team. These are inspirational to badminton. We may participate in individual sports, but sometimes in competition. The strength of the collective allows people to transcend themselves. »»

“Of course, there is definitely resistance from the middle (of badminton). It’s human,” says Jérôme Careil, but like me, who doesn’t come from badminton performance (he has a career in training). I’m not claiming I don’t know how to have an Olympic medalist, I think I can create the conditions to get there. Thierry, Performance, he knows himself, You can say, “That works, but it doesn’t.” Save valuable time. »»

Because if the European Championship is to play the blues in Madrid this week, the match in Paris is already tomorrow and Los Angeles will arrive very early for the golden generations Ziker, Popov, Mercre and Lanier.

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