Bahrain Grand Prix, Qualifying Live: Leclerc’s Paul!

Bahrain GP starting grid

The first line:

Charles Leclerc (MON / Ferrari)

Max Verstappen (NED / Red Bull Honda)

2nd line:

Carlos Sainz Jr. (ESP / Ferrari)

Sergio Perez (MEX / Red Bull Honda)

Line 3:

Lewis Hamilton (GBR / Mercedes)

Valtteri Bottas (FIN / Alfa Romeo Racing-Ferrari)

4th line:

Kevin Magnussen (DEN / Haas-Ferrari)

Fernando Alonso (ESP / Alpine-Renault)

Line 5:

George Russell (GBR / Mercedes)

Pierre Guthrie (FRA / AlphaTauri-Honda)

Line 6:

Esteban Ocon (FRA / Alpine-Renault)

Mick Schumacher (GER / Haas-Ferrari)

Line 7:

Lando Norris (GBR / McLaren-Mercedes)

Alexander Albon (THA / Williams-Mercedes)

Line 8:

Guanyu Zhou (CHN / Alfa Romeo Racing-Ferrari)

Yuki Tsunoda (JPN / AlphaTauri-Honda)

Line 9:

Nico Hulkenberg (GER / Aston Martin-Mercedes)

Daniel Ricciardo (AUS / McLaren-Mercedes)

Line 10:

Lance Stroll (CAN / Aston Martin-Mercedes)

Nicholas Latifi (CAN / Williams-Mercedes)

Charles Leclerc’s pole!

Charles Leclerc wins pole position at Bahrain Grand Prix! Monégasque starts from 1st place on the starting grid ahead of Dutch world champion Max Verstappen. The second row is Carlos Sainz’s second Ferrari in front of Sergio Perez (Red Bull). Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) is only fifth. Pierre Guthrie (Alpha Tauri) will start in 10th place. Esteban Ocon is in 11th place.

Q3: The last chance of Mercedes

Hamilton and Russell must offer everything to take away the pole currently owned by Carlos Sainz.

Q3: Ferrari ahead

After the first lap, Sainz and Leclerc’s Ferrari are ahead of Verstappen and Perez’s Red Bull.

Let’s go to Q3!

Who will get the first pole position?

Ocon’s “not a bad qualification”

Esteban Ocon, who lost with Canal + Mike in the second quarter: “Qualifying wasn’t bad. It was pretty positive. There aren’t many failures. Tomorrow is a race. I want to finish with points. Tracking.”

Ricardo was “not so surprised” that he was eliminated in the first quarter.

Daniel Ricciardo was eliminated by a canal mic in the first quarter +: “In Barcelona, ​​I felt good, but yesterday I noticed something different. There’s still a lot to improve. I’m running out of driving time. “Peloton is very tight. Of course I’m disappointed, but not so surprised.”

Q2: Works with Gasly, not Ocon

The five drivers eliminated in the second quarter are Esteban Ocon (11th), Mick Schumacher, Lando Norris, Alex Albon and Guanyu Zhou of China. The ninth Pierre Guthrie disqualified him in the third quarter of the final lap. Best time for Max Verstappen ahead of Sainz and Leclerc’s two Ferraris.

Q2: Guthrie is in trouble

The French have a thirteenth provisional time. You’ll have to do better to get to Q3.

Q2: Red Bull destination

Verstappen and Perez sign two of the best interim times of the second quarter.

The bitterness of a walk

Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), who was eliminated in the first quarter, did not hide his frustration with a canal mic +: “We didn’t have a grip. We need to understand why.” The Canadian driver bitterly said.

Let’s go to the second quarter

The driver will warm up the watch within 15 minutes and win a ticket for the third quarter.

Q1: Ricardo has been eliminated!

Five drivers eliminated in the first quarter: Yuki Tsunoda (16th), Nico Hulkenberg (17th), Daniel Ricciardo (18th), Lance Stroll (189), Nicholas Raffiti (20) Place). This is a big disappointment for Ricardo of Australia and his McLaren team. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Ferrari set two fastest times. Verstappen is the third time.

Q1: And the most difficult pilots …

Walk (16th), Hülkenberg, Ricardo, Tsunoda, Rafiti.

Q1: In-game Ferrari

Charles Leclerc (1’31”471) and Carlos Sainz set two fastest times.

Q1: The fastest Verstappen

The Dutch World Champion sets the best time at 1’31”909. Waiting for Lewis Hamilton’s first time.

Q1: Guthrie signs the reference time

A Frenchman from Alpha Tauri signs his first lap at 1’33”016.

Let’s go to Q1

The first single-seater hit a track on the Sakheel circuit.

Why the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” is increasingly criticized

Last week, behind the scenes of F1, the hit series “Drive to Survive” became available on Netflix. However, some, like world champion Max Verstappen, have criticized the script for being overwhelmed.

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Abu Dhabi GP Report: FIA Discovers “Human Error”

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has released the findings of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix controversy that led to the coronation of Max Verstappen. Body recognizes that “human error” was committed by former race director Michael Masi.

The latter decided to bring a safety car on the second lap from the end of the race. At this time, the latecomers didn’t have time to catch up behind the puck, but the rules still imposed.

However, the FIA ​​believes that Michael Masi “acted in good faith in difficult situations and did his best to the best of his knowledge.” She adds that Verstappen’s coronation is “valid,” “final,” and “unchangeable.”

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