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See a detailed summary of a more beautiful life in episode 4486 on Monday, February 28, 2022, broadcast in France 3. Oferi is good news for Fedara. They get the code. Abdel now feels ready to forget Allison. Patrick intends to play a dirty policeman to protect Manon.

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A more beautiful life than Barbara

Abdel and Barbara try to find love again … at a party together

find it A complete summary of Plusbelle lavie on Monday, February 28, 2022 Pre-broadcast episode 4486, 3 days before the French broadcast 3): Summary of the previous episode PBLV February 25, 2022 It’s online.

Babes thinks Patrick should refuse to go fast … even Manon thinks it’s too dangerous. Manon offers to come and go to Barcelona.
Boher and Eric prepare to deliver the cam to the parking lot via the Rousseau gang. Revel is taking steps and wants to shield the device to bring back stakeholders.

Sabrina says she needs to relax. There is no hot water. Marika says she intends to take a shower with Claude. In collaboration with Nathan, he planned to find a room while he was gone. They discover the will from Roshat, where he says he bequeaths everything to Marika (so that he gives nothing to her mother).

Ofilia PBLV

Ophélie brings good news to Fedala / PBL V prior to episode 4486 on Monday, February 28, 2022

Karim and Bilal have passed the code exam, just like Bilal. They are afraid to see Ofilia again, so they are hesitant to insure.

A more beautiful life than Nathan

Nathan, Mus and Sabrina investigate Marika

Babes yells at Manon and says, “That’s not the way you take your baby” … Babes admits to Patrick that she can’t escape Rafael … he tells her Manon’s. I want you to leave your position as a mother.

A more beautiful life than Abdel

Ofilia has already missed Karim and Abdel

Oferi arrives at Mistral and tells Bilal that he has his code (he made five mistakes). Then she comes to Karim (cleaning) and tells him that he has the code (there are two obstacles) and he regains his license.
Karim has an iconic gift to Oferi: GPS 😉 Abdel also arrived at the apartment, he did it perfectly … he can drive back. Abdel also bought a gift, GPS.

Boher thinks Patrick is on Manon’s neck and she is still part of Rousseau’s gang.

Boher a more beautiful life

Boher talks about an ongoing operation to hunt down the Rousseau gang

Nathan and Mus come to see ROchat in his high school office. They tell him about his will found in Marika’s room. Nathan says he thinks Rochat has changed before he was friendly and compassionate.
Rochat tells them to put away at the end of the lease they can leave … he advises them to advertise their jobs.

Sabrina is looking for her grant application file for a forgotten association … Marika says she deliberately abandoned it without doing it.

Sabrina investigated Marika’s network. She found her ex-husband and died of a heart attack. Claude believes in Nathan.

A More Beautiful Life Before Episode 4486 on February 28, 2022: Patrick Takes All Risks

Karim and Abdel are saddened that Ophelia is over. Bilal says he continues to drive. Abdel thinks it’s good to share activities with his family.

Abdel is having a drink at Marci with Barbara … he says he wants to move on. Abdel tells Barbara why they don’t look for soulmates together. Barbara thinks it’s good, she will find her social life. Barbara agrees with it, they toast to their future love life.

A more beautiful life than Patrick Nuboo

Patrick and Babes are ready to take every risk to find Remy and live in peace

Patrick arrives at the city and announces to Rayan that he intends to go fast, provided he repairs the meeting place. Rayane accepts the deal, but he tells his friend that he intends to kill Patrick and Manon later.
to be continued A complete summary of Plusbelle lavie prior to Tuesday, March 1, 2022 In episode 4487.

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