Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Rugby: The end of a thrilling season at Loire

yes Saran HB, OLB, Fleury HB are fighting to maintain top flight, RC Orleans (Federal 2) and EC Orleans Volleyball (N2F) already know the date of the Cleaver meeting for mountaineering. detail.


Everything left to do for the OLB.. The future of the Sharon-Lance elite, if the red lantern is in great danger (7 wins), Orleans contacts Fos-sur-Mer, thanks to defeating Roanne on Saturday, April 16 (98-84). Are competing. , His main rival to not being Sharon’s second team. The two teams have won nine times so far, but the OLB is two games behind.

Some teams still have it, 4-6 days left.. Between these Six direct conflicts between badly classified are still in the program.. OLB has the card at hand, despite the basket average disadvantages of most competitors (including Fos, Le Portel and Roanne).

The match between Paris (Sunday May 1st) and Sharon-Lance (May 10th) is especially expensive for the Loire Valley team, who play four of the last six games at home.


Saran is heading for May. 14th place with 5 wins, just above the relegation zone. Promoted at the beginning of the season, Saran HB is at the level expected in one of the world’s most demanding championships this morning...

Maintenance in the Star League will take place primarily during the trip to Istres on May 7th and 20th, followed by a reception for Nancy, two teams involved in the descent to the Pro League. By June 8th, there are 7 games left, 4 of which will be played at home. Against Neem, Nancy, Saint-Raphael and Limoges.

Winners, Scepters in the first leg of Istres (29-27) and Nancy (29-27), therefore Target average In favor of their two direct enemies, they clearly have their destiny in their hands. However, be aware of pre-established scenarios. In the case of Saran, it generally doesn’t go as planned …


RCO wants to verify that great season.. 17 wins in 22 days of Federal 2. On the Orleans side, such a success rate has not been seen for a long time in the regular season. Three small points by PUC precede. The second Loire Valley rugby player in Pool 2 will make a Round of 16 round trip on May 8th and 15th... Orleans will face the sixth in the group, the third in the doll and group C, in this case the winner of the jump-off between Geneva.

If you win in a future double showdown Orleans will definitely return to Federation 1 10 years after leaving Federation 1... They also move forward at the Federal 2 final table, eliminating the actual pressure.


ECOrléans dream of the elite. From an accounting point of view, the reception of Chavil Sèvres at Argonaute on Sunday, April 24th is not as important as the trip to Rennes on May 1st. Two days before the end of the first phase of the championship (national 2), Undefeated leader Orleans is guaranteed to play their rise in the “elite” on May 21st and 22nd.Then, on May 28th and 29th, during the admission tournament on two weekends.

Five teams will participate in this accession tournament. In this case, the club that is first ranked in the five N2 pools at the end of the current first phase. Ultimately, there are four climbs.

In the next season, N2 or “Elite”, ECOrléans players are coached by Olivier Lardier..


Flury, survival mode. It is played in LFH: The descent to Division 2 will take place between Selschulbel and Fleury HB... The Panthers know that they have only succeeded once in their pockets to move up the ranks, five points behind their opponent from Deux-Sèvre this morning …

Mathematically, Sustain is still playableAt the end of the championship, knowing that the two clubs will be held on May 21st at the Palais des Sports in Orleans (8 pm). Before that, “hoping to save ourselves,” and crossing our fingers to prevent Celles-sur-Bell from taking any new points by then, “2 wins and 1 draw required”Explore FLHB coach Christoph Kassan.

Fleuryssoises has four games left. For Nantes aiming for a place in Europe. Against Turon and Mérignac, who have nothing more to play in this championship. Finally, during the horrifying epilogue against Selshrubel …

Jerome Couton-Coudray and Laurent Coursimault