Basketball: JDA Dijon Professional Players Meet Young Amateurs at Chenove’s Mail Gymnasium

The operation “JDA in the heart of our neighborhood”, founded by Havelis and the Dijon Club, took place on Wednesday, April 27, at the Mail Gymnasium in Chenôve. Gavin Ware, Abdoulaye Loum and Arthur Simon attended an enthusiastic workshop for young people.

Social landlords Havelis and JDA Dijon run an operation called “JDA in the heart of our neighborhood” twice a year. One is the handball section and the other is the basketball section of the Dijon Club.

“There is competition, but there are also social issues.”

Havelis tenants have been invited to accompany professional handball players and professional basketball players during the pre-match team presentation, but nine times during the season, the above operations will be scheduled at a nearby gymnasium. increase.

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at the Mail Gymnasium in Chenôve, Gavinware, Abdullier Room and Arthur Simon blended into an enthusiastic atmosphere, not only for the youth of Chenôve, Dijon Sud and Marsanay, but also for the U9 players and the youth of U11. We held a workshop for you. Chenove basketball club. Thus, about 50 young people were dressed and were excited about the arrival of these extraordinary “coaches.”
Havelis Solidarity, Quietness and Proximity Director Karim Bermadani emphasized the first meeting, especially on sporting practices.

“Hosting such an operation is part of our values. There is competition, but there is also society. Participation is essential and natural.” 341 licensees this season. Lucille Petetin, President of BC Schnove, has delivered a senior women’s team that will evolve in National 2 next season, and a senior men’s team that will be maintained in National 3.

“Pro clubs cannot exist without amateur clubs”

The advent of Gavin Ware impressed the young people in the club. “American basketball players are magical to them!”

Beyond the models they embody, basketball players at the Dijon Club in the rendezvous reached the youth level this Wednesday while they focused on the races of the French Championship playoffs.
“They are happy just to play basketball. The idea is to make the most of the moment, laugh, have fun and make sure they get home with the feeling of having a good day. The genre when he was a young amateur.

“At that age, we need to evolve and enjoy the club over time,” said Frédéri Lambert, coach of the U18 Elite at the JDA Dijon Training Center. JDA Dijon approaches young basketball players and young people who aren’t. It also indicates that a professional club can be closer to an amateur club in its territory, as a professional club cannot exist without an amateur club. And approaching young people with accessible professional players can probably evoke a profession tomorrow.

The surgery was completed with a signing session and a snack. Young people couldn’t resist the temptation to ask professional athletes for autographs as soon as they arrived at the gymnasium, or between two workshops on fundamentals.

This half day was also made possible by an agreement between the city of Chenôve and the municipal sports office.

Alix Bertier
Photo: Alix Berthier