Basketball: Orleans guarantees and reassures himself!

Orleans Loiret basket wins Clear and essential victory (98-84), this Saturday, April 16th at his sports hall. After losing six times in a row, he fell to the penultimate location of the Betclic Elite, ensuring that the OLB was in front of Roanne, even if Maintenance 6 days before the end of the regular season remains uncertain.. But at least Le Portel and Foss no longer have a point lead …

14-0 in 4 minutes

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The game was played at the beginning of the second half, Orleans suffocated the enemy, inflicting 14-0 in 4 minutes (62-45). The gap widened even further, especially thanks to Marcus Page’s address (68-48).

But Orleans especially struck a paint nailWith Youssou N’Doe’s weekly medical shift, Emmanuel Terry, and his team’s top scorer with 17 goals, Junior Mbida. After three-quarters, the two friends donated 24 of the team’s 77 points. Extraordinary success rate (9/11). Their final contribution (32 out of 98) is on the same order.

Tour package

Definitely they took advantage of the package Boubacar Toure, the best rebounder in Roanne (7.3 catches per game), the most skilled player in the championship (68.7%)I hurt my ankle with my coach on Thursday night.

21 points from the OLB bench against 0!

After losing three balls in the first six minutes (9-14), Öhlins took control for the first time in the nine minutes (21-20), thanks to Lamonte Ulmer, and recovered steadily. And if the OLB remained ahead in the break (48-45), it was primarily due to the contribution of the bench: 21 points for the Orleans substitute, 21 points for the Corral substitute … 0!

Nevertheless, Roanne scored too much.. Therefore, Orleans tightens the defensive mesh when coming out of the locker room, Championship third attack (Average 85.4 points) Suddenly lost luster and was limited to 13 points in 10 minutes. And, like when it fell below the 84-point mark (this Saturday was the 14th time), Corral bowed.

vice versa, Orleans equated to the highest score of the season 98-89 against Le Mans in December. Already won …

Pascal Bruger