Beaucaire’s Adrian-Hardy Voyage Base will be thoroughly reviewed for the 2024 Olympics.

The site for a large-scale rehabilitation expansion project for this major sports facility was officially launched on Thursday, April 28, in the presence of an institutional partner.

The rehab site at Adrian-Hardy Voyage Base in Beaucaire is a small opportunity to make a thief. “We have already begun working on an expansion project that will be the rear base of the 2024 Olympics.”Joan Gillette, Chief of Staff of Mayor of BeaucareFree lunch February 15, 2019). Next, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games proposed the Terredejeux label.

With its advanced files and back-based experience in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Voker was the first Gard municipality to submit an application to officially obtain the Terre de jeux label on December 21, 2019. It was one.

But suddenly, and to respect the specification, the first expansion project took a completely different dimension by moving to rehabilitation and expansion. Then, on October 5, 2020, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee officially announced Beaucaire as the site of choice for hosting the Olympic Preparation Center.

Budget close to 8 million euros

The roundtable to fund this huge project of nearly € 8 million has brought together players from major institutions: regions, provinces and states. The Occitanie region first voted for the grant, followed by states, provinces and the National Sports Agency. Financial plans are categorized as follows: Local council € 2,031,298; State € 1,021,592; Sector € 1,000,000; National Sports Agency € 550,000, the rest is borne by the municipality of Beaucaire.

“We need to develop the infrastructure”

Then you had to mobilize your organization’s partners to complete the budget (read below). On December 1, 2019, the visit of Kamel Chibli, Vice President of the Occitanie region for sports and youth, was used to discover the current voyage base and learn about the Beaucaire incident for the launch of the skatepark. I did.

Mayor Julien Sanchez reaffirmed on Thursday, April 28, 820 days after the official opening of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, during the official start of rehabilitation work for the expansion of the nautical base. “The need to develop infrastructure that is no longer suitable for sports practice and the increasing number of licensees”.. He did not neglect to thank Toulousain Chibli from the bottom of his heart – “The facilitator who was by our side from the beginning” – Who was one of the keys to the success of this proceeding in terms of partnership?

Bruno Pascal explained the involvement of the guard agency on behalf of President Francoise Laurent Perigot, a councilor of the state of Vobert, who is responsible for the fascination of the ministry and its territory. “Sports and structured equipment aimed at influencing beyond Beaucaire”..

“Occitania’s Largest Economic Envelope”

“This is an innovative projectSay hello to Kamel Chibli, One of the most beautiful French ruins with jewels, dormant Rhone. “ The regional adviser recalled that Occitania made a large investment in this file. “Maximum financial envelope”In the process “I wanted to make the Paris Olympics a French tournament”.. Philip Montagat, Chairman of the Olympic Sports Commission, said: “Pleasure and enthusiasm” For the project. “The purpose is to get the most out of these sports, young and old.”He mentioned boating, canoeing and sailing.

Both companies now have a year to achieve new results. “They have a lot of pressureJulian Sanchez, who was pleased that they were local and regional, smiled. It’s a noble project that brings employment. “

“Project connecting the city and Rhone”

“The Olympic challenge is also a challenge for the construction industry to research and build.”Says Martin Boiteau, architect of Marseille’s company Nomade Architectes, made an impression of this place. “We love when we have such a territory. We are surrounded by unique landscapes. We don’t have the opportunity to build in a park on the banks of Rhone, which has a fairly strong heritage, every day. . “

Before giving an overview of the Vocal project. “Interestingly, I had to reinvent the program. It makes a connection between the city and Rhone. There is a part of the landscape where the city of Beaucaire can reconnect to Rhone. Two major buildings, Every time at Camargue and the nautical base, I wanted to write a fairly uniform sentence to leave more room for the landscape. In this program, the landscape becomes more important to us. I We write almost at sea. If you find Beaucaire, Terrace, Pontoon, you can do yoga on the terrace in front of the Rhone. The challenge of this project is to be realized in a few months. The deadline is It’s the Olympics. “

Most of the work is done in the drywall department, what was done in the building system to be implemented.