Before Frank, other candidates abandoned the adventure

It is impossible for him to reconsider his decision.Frank chose to leave this Tuesday Colanta: Cursed Totem.. The person whose mouth was paralyzed in the first episode wasn’t in the best condition and caused the anger of his peers, as he hadn’t been replaced by voluntary abandonment in the TF1 game for several years. By the way, how was the past? Before Frank, 12 other participants decided to throw a towel. Return to each case.

Candy Koh Lanta: Bocas del Toro (2003)

And if Koh Lanta Was his younger year harder? Or is it because the candidate wasn’t really prepared? Still, the third season of the game was terrible for the six retreating adventurers. Most of them were evacuation due to injury or medical concerns. But that’s not the case with Candice, who gave up during a 24-hour comfort test. No, it wasn’t interesting at the time. “Psychologically, I’m not strong enough,” she explained in tears.

Ants and Adrian Koh Lanta: Parawan (2007)

5th day Koh Lanta: Parawan, Ali summons a companion from the Red Tribe and gives sad news. “I don’t want to stay for the rest of my adventure. I want to meet my family.” His unfortunate companion tries to keep him as low as possible, but the candidate asserts that his “head is elsewhere.” At that time, the candidates changed. Pascal, who was eliminated by the previous council of the opposing team, will then replace her.

As you know, there are many twists and turns in TF1 games. Adrian also threw a towel on the 28th day, so the seventh season was no exception. Adrian seeks intervention before the comfort test begins. “After last night’s council meeting and the departure of Gregoire, I realized that this exclusion was unfair. I have no chance of winning, so I want to start again and leave my place in Gregoire. I think, “the adventurer announces. Dennis Broniart accepts his decision and therefore the former has been eliminated and will return to try his luck again. Gregoire will be eliminated after 2 days.

Valerie Koh Lanta: Caramoarn (2008)

At the end of the fourth day, Valerie’s morale is at its lowest. There aren’t many cassava, only a few coconuts, and hunger has taken over. Exhausted, the candidate has the impression that he is nervous and no longer in control. She will listen to her body and tell her companions that she is “beginning to be physically in ruins” and that she does not want to be handicap during the test. Irya eliminated on the third day will return to yellow.

Couter Koh Lanta: Palau (2009)

During the first season of genius Freddie, Mawai, who suffered eight consecutive losses, did not go as planned. It is at the end of episode 5 during the council that the Couter makes a fundamental decision. “I quit tonight. It’s not Koh Lanta That’s what I dreamed of, “she says in front of Denis Brogniart. She regained her torch despite having immunity this turn. The general misunderstanding of the camp would have made him more motivated.

Jennifer Koh Lanta: Vietnam (2010)

Episode 6 Koh Lanta: Vietnam It starts with a bang. On the red island, Jennifer looked black in his life and decided to pack a bag. “I prefer to keep my head raised rather than waiting for elimination,” she says to the camera. In front of her peers, she explains, “I’m sick of it.” The words of his colleagues, even Claude’s words, who are loyal to himself from his first season, will not change anything. “Sometimes we don’t do anything we want to do for ourselves, especially for others,” he says before calling her selfishly.

Steve and Naoel Koh Lanta: Raja Ampat (2011)

Another season with two spontaneous departures. The first is Steve’s. After eight days of survival, the adventurer cannot overcome the shortage of his one-year-old son. Steve finds himself “not as strong as he thinks” and calls Dennis Broniart and leaves with him to head to France. Starting this season, departures are no longer replaced.

In the next episode, it’s Naoel’s turn to confiscate. “I vomit it, this island,” she complains, ” [sa] Life “. His decision brings tears to the unfortunate companion who lost another member of the team shortly after Steve was abandoned. His difficulties associated with” hunger, rain, hardship “are clearly understated. Has been evaluated.

Manon Koh Lanta: Johor (2015)

Spontaneous departure motivated by medical disappointment. Upon arriving at the comfort test site, Manon feels sick and falls on the sand. Obviously, she doesn’t challenge the game and is under her watch. The next day, when she is declared suitable for resuming her adventure course, Manon prefers to abdicate without feeling healthy enough. Next, she puts the letter the team received in a bottle and writes it. Manon says, “She regrets, but she leaves the game with an intimate belief that she’s done it to the end.” »»

Charlie and Marius Koh Lanta: Thailand (2016)

This is probably the most controversial abandonment. After spending 48 hours on the island, Charlie quit his adventure because of a severe migraine. Candidates explain that they need specific treatments that the production could not provide. Therefore, it is a medical abandonment that the image was passed as a voluntary abandonment. In the episode, Denis Brogniart explains that his departure was not imposed by a doctor. Disagreeing with the facts, Charlie decided to boycott the season finale.

Second episode, second start. After Charlie, the youngest Marius also throws a towel. “I’m destroying my childhood dreams, I know that, but I don’t want to win anymore Koh Lanta.. I’m not happy to be there, I have to leave, “he explains. He came looking for his real adventure and felt suffocated by his camera and security device.

Brahma Koh Lanta: Cambodia (2017)

During the edition toured in Cambodia, the start of the comfort test was once again a rebound scene.In the bruise, Brahma “decides to apply [son] Right to withdraw. ” Despite the comforting words of his enemies, nothing helps. He departs with a small spade signed by Denis Brogniart. Koh Lanta, You will regret it. His decision was irreparable.