Behind the scenes of a crazy project, the Chinese national team was soon integrated into the French Championship.

The Ministry of Sports needs to verify the Chinese team’s participation in the French Men’s Championship (LAM) this Wednesday. Since Monday, this project has changed from a dream to a reality … even if the question remains unanswered. A three-day story of flipping French volleyball.

“We were stuck in the ass!”: This expression of the experienced League A club president is another 13 of the video conference hosted by Eve Bouget, president of the National Volleyball League (LNV), on Monday night. It reflects the state of mind of the person’s participants). If the club’s boss knew the main line of this iconic project, which invited the Chinese national team to participate in the French championship, the explosion became a reality in the French volleyball Landerneau.

It all started with the initiative of the French Volleyball Federation (FFVolley). In contact with all delegations around the world, the federation’s president, Eric Tanguy, wants the Chinese team to prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics, with French professional volleyball subsidized. And know that you are looking for exposure to the media. With contacts established, he linked the New Federal State of China with the French League, linking the project most secretly.

If the first response comes to the press at the end of June, Yves Bouger will officially announce the project to the club president at the video conference on the first Monday of July. “LNV has just announced a deal to broadcast the championship on the beIN Sport channel, but we were pleasantly surprised there. Admit the manager. Did President Bouget give a full presentation? We would have thought to the Master that he was on the school bench. Who would give his lecture? “

€ 1.3 million plunge per season

Deployed by Yves Bouget. The project, at least in appearance, is well organized in the presentation, so we need to talk about the program. It’s not a dream, it’s no longer a chimera. It’s a very concrete reality. The league proposes that the national team of China, the 17th country in the world ranking of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), will participate in the French Men’s League A (LAM). The New Federal State of China is considering a two-year contract of € 1.3 million per season. benefit. The opportunity to bail out French volleyball funding is too good.

And, contrary to what is written, there is no doubt that each League A club has received € 50,000 from this Chinese financial plunge, as many presidents have certified it as an RMC Sport. did. “Club redistribution has not been proposed, leaders argue, but the question arises because this financial contribution is a godsend to the club. I’m not saying a particular club. No. I’m thinking about all the French clubs in LAM. “”

However, in the face of well-understood economic benefits, club bosses have stepped up to seek clarification. “It’s direct, sometimes fierce, but often relevant and has rewound another participant. Of course, the marketing aspect is common. International by broadcasting the match on Chinese television. Exposure is a big step forward, but the program we didn’t check for blanks, he concludes.

Playoff issues

Redistribution, additional costs associated with the formation of a new day, commitment to new costs … If you need to refine your finances further, you need to be clear about fairness, especially in terms of sports. The questions merge and some answers fall: Can China’s choice be the French champion of LAM? No. Can she go down to League B if she needs in her ranking? No. If she finishes in the Top 8, can she play the championship playoffs? The question wasn’t decided on Monday night, but the majority of leaders now seem to support it. “What if the way to reject China’s choice to participate in the most important tournaments of the season is to finish in the first eight?”, The Chinese team can even aim for the top four. Claims a member of the staff who even thinks of the championship. “On the other hand, what do you say to the French club, which will be the turkey of the farce in 9th place,” regrets another person.

Originally composed of 14 clubs, the 15th team from China’s selection participated in the calendar reform. And first of all, we answer the question, “Should we stay in 15 teams and have an exempted formation every day, or should we evolve with 16 teams?” Ask the president of RMC Sport.

In the case of AS Cannes … Have you finally been caught?

After that, a new team will appear in this project. AS Cannes was demoted to sporty at the end of the season. According to LNV rules, only clubs demoted to League B can be drafted. So AS Cannes. This historic French volleyball club was the champion of France 2021 and plunged to the bottom floor after a season of injuries, recruitment mistakes and finally the hell marked at the end of the playdown. .. The case is comical, remembering that the Riviera Club disbanded LNV in a pending recruitment case during the winter transfer. The league has authorized the Riviera Club by deducting points and ordering them not to play with new employees. Finally, AS Cannes was able to play with all players and then threatened to take legal action to protect its interests … so eventually go to League B.

Even if the relationship between LNV and Cannes is raging, according to our information, the league has asked the Riviera club to … prepare a budget to play in League A. Governance is foreseeable, and LNV has prevented an administrative assault on the elite clubs targeted by volleyball financial police officer DNACG, preparing for the possibility of a Chinese team arriving at LAM. Today, AS Cannes’ new double-headed management team is reaching out to the league just in case. “It’s still vague and claims to be a member of the Riviera Club, but if we have the opportunity to stay in League A, it’s true that our wishes will succeed. We play sports and legitimate guerrilla warfare. I sent a message to the institution that the era was over. It’s behind us. We want to calm the relationship between Cannes and the league. ” If it appears to be located around Jason Haldan, the Croisette Club is ready for financial adjustments, including League A maintenance, when the budget was initially formatted to a low level.

The Riviera club is ready and the rules favor it … but the idea of ​​keeping AS Cannes during the video on Monday night was not unanimous among the club presidents. And that’s an understatement. “In the face of Cannes’ shortcomings in the past season, some club presidents wanted to promote League B playoff finalists instead,” says the LAM boss. “Of course, the Mediterranean club made a mistake, but the rules are clear and claim another manager of RMC Sport. Therefore, if there is maintenance, it can only be done in AS Cannes. It’s hostility or ego. It’s beyond the battle. “

China is looking for a city and a room

If there are unresolved questions to be asked to all club presidents that LNV wants to make a decision now, China’s selection is actively looking for a city of residence and a hall. According to information from RMC Sport, China is aiming for an assembly with rooms with 2,500 to 3,000 seats at the airport and LNV standards (especially high ceilings and large screens). At the beginning of the week, the Paris city hall did not receive a request from China’s choice to have training slots and rooms to evolve in LAM. In Paris Volley, the idea of ​​sharing a Charpy room in a PUC training session with a resident professional club and an amateur club affiliated with a resident professional club, not to mention the sports time of the surrounding schools, is unrealistic.

At the end of the meeting on Monday night, the LAM club boss agreed with President Bouget in principle. It remains to persuade the Ministry of Supervision. The meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday to conclude the three most wonderful days of French volleyball.