Beijing Express: Exhausted, Etienne gave up and his companion Vanessa wept.

Etienne, a doctor on the Cote d’Azur, threw a towel at the “Beijing Express” after the third episode and was physically exhausted. His decision offended the netizens. His partner, Aveyronnaise Vanessa, also had to give up.

Since the start of the “Beijing Express” season three weeks ago, Etienne has not been overlooked among his physique, his wording, or his state of mind. Registered to “discover something else,” he worked with Vanessa to form a duo of strangers. An eccentric duo! If Aveyron’s Campuac grocery store is always positive, resolute and in good mood, Cote d’Azur doctors quickly showed that they were losers, passive and not very resistant.

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Broadcast on Thursday night at the end of episode 3 M6, Without telling his partner, Etienne announced that he was giving up. “I’m exhausted, so I’m giving up on the race. I tried to do my best for Vanessa, but I can’t give anything anymore. It’s a burden.”

This abandonment automatically meant her, so a cold shower for Vanessa. The young Aveirones, who dreamed of attending the “Beijing Express,” said, “It’s very hard because I wasn’t the one who decided it. This abandonment is timid. It’s the end of the dream.

Internet users are tough on Etienne on social networks.

Etienne’s big coward who complained from the beginning, don’t worry, he ruined his colleague’s adventure #BeijingExpress

—Cardęche ud83c uddeb ud83c uddf7 u2b50 ufe0f u2b50 ufe0f (@ anthone7887) February 24, 2022

He greatly underestimated the difficulty of the consequences of the adventure he sank his adventure into her, and she can still stay next to him without jumping on him.
I don’t know how she did it. #BeijingExpress

– Me? ?? ?? ?? ud83d udc71 ud83c udffb‍ u2640 ufe0f (@helloitju_) February 24, 2022

Especially physical issues

It must be said that this third episode in Uzbekistan was particularly physical for candidates near 40 ° C under the scorching sun. When they were the vast majority of the country, they first had to hitchhiking without a white car. Then they had to travel 3km by unfolding the carpet, walking on it, pulling it and walking on it again. If the minimum carpet was 90 cm long and weighed 1.5 kg, the maximum carpet was 6 m long and weighed 25 kg. The pair had to change the mat on the way. In this more than five-hour test, Monaco’s sisters Charlotte and Sarah won ahead of candidates for Fanny and Jeremy, as well as Gers Axel and his grandfather Junk Road.

After a night with the locals and a peaceful night, they had to keep their wicker baskets filled with 10 kg of cotton, one of Uzbekistan’s wealth, on their heads for as long as possible. Gerd finished in the top three, but it was Charlotte who won the event and won the extraordinary helicopter trip in the mountains.

For the rest, the pair had a hard time hitchhiking to reach the capital Tashkent and didn’t have to raise the black flag. A turbulent journey with a big change in the flag. It ended up in the hands of the Vanessa / Etienne Duo, who held it for over two hours.

“You are annoying me!”

This final test tested the nerves of the duo Etienne and Vanessa. “You are drunk”, “You are Leroux”, “You are inflating me”, did not hesitate to launch a young Aveyronnaise to her teammates. It must be said that Etienne was more than a loser again: “We’re done”, “It’s useless”, “It’s always angry to make me last”.

Questioner Entertainment TVAfter the episode aired, Vanessa remains positive. “For me it’s timid to give up. I think it’s too easy, but I didn’t blame him. It’s useless. We lived a very beautiful thing. He’s a very funny person. It’s easy for him. I wouldn’t blame him, and nevertheless, because it must not have been a good decision.

Many viewers are dissatisfied with social networks about background music that has a very strong presence and is too loud in this third episode of “Beijing Express.”

How many dropouts did you already have?

“I quit the course.” At the end of the third episode, Etienne made a surprise by announcing the suspension of “Beijing Express”. He is not the first. There have been many abandonments in the past: Terence and Olivia in the third season for family drama, Cecil and Gorges in 2007 for medical reasons, Anne-Marie exhausted in 2010, Damian for health in 2012. And Noera, Jonathan in 2018 after the Aurora traffic accident and Erodi in 2019 after the death of his father.