Beijing is taking positive steps to promote ice sports

Young hockey players gathered before the practice match.

To achieve the goal of “300 million people participating in winter sports”, the Chinese capital has invested in ice and snow sports centers, especially among young people under the “snow and ice coming” program. I have been doing promotional activities. school”. On February 20, our reporters went to the Nangon International Ice Sports Center to observe the training of young ice hockey players and figure skaters.

Inside the sports center, a group of children aged 5 to 6 compete in a 3 to 3 hockey game under the guidance of a coach. The coach tells our reporters that the oldest of these young athletes is 7 years old, the youngest is 5 years old, and the oldest has already been playing for 3 years. In skates, children accelerate, turn, and cleverly stop on ice, passing by with sticks like professional athletes.

After practicing hockey, a young figure skater rides on the ice. With the grace of fairies, they make beautiful arcs on the ice.

The director of the Nangon International Ice Sports Center said that more and more young people have begun to receive professional training in recent years, and now hundreds of students come every weekend.

Fengtai Sports Bureau Director, where the Nangon Center is located, talked about local efforts to develop winter sports, with 10 ice and snow sports centers in the city in recent years. To strengthen the training of sports talent in the field of ice and snow, the Feng Shui Sports Department and the State Board of Education have worked together to promote winter sports in schools. The capital has 10 schools specializing in ice and snow sports and 15 model schools for Olympic education.

Beijing’s winter sports facilities are becoming more sophisticated and public participation is increasing. The number of ice rinks and snow venues in the capital has increased from 42 ice rinks, 44 ice rinks and 22 snow venues before the Winter Olympics to 82 ice rinks, 97 ice rinks and 32 snow venues today. .. People’s activities, held annually in Beijing since the city’s bid for the 2022 Olympics, are now in their eighth year. The program attracted more than 31 million people in the first seven years and produced over 20,000 popular activities at all levels.

In addition, Beijing continues to expand its channels for developing talent pools by implementing a county-wide and municipal-wide winter sports talent development system. The capital now has five municipal junior ice hockey teams, one junior ski team, and a junior winter sports team across 125 autonomous regions, with registrants increasing from 79 in 2017 to 7,565, nearly 100 times higher. Did. In 4 years.

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