Belgium: What we know about a car that has boarded a carnival crowd and killed at least six people

The facts occurred earlier this Sunday morning in Larviere, 25 kilometers west of Charleroi. There are at least 10 injuries between life and death, and 16 minor injuries.

It was supposed to be a celebration day. The commune mayor, Jack Gobert, said a car boarded a crowd attending a carnival in the town of Larviere, Belgium, early Sunday morning, March 20, killing six people and seriously injuring ten. Between Mons and Charleroi in the southern part of the country. The reason for this behavior is still unknown.


Nearly 150-200 people gathered at the start of the sports hall this Sunday morning at La Rubiere around 5am for the collection of the iconic character “Jill” in carnival costumes. .. At a press conference held at 11:00 am on Sunday, when the procession began, he said, “The car was visibly fast from behind and smashed a lot of people (…).” The vehicle continued to run before it got stuck a little, and the situation of the collision between the car and the crowd has not been clarified yet.

Dramatic victim

The first casualties reported 4 dead and 12 injured, but according to the town’s emergency unit, it increased to 6 dead in the morning. “In the current investigation situation, (…) we are mourning 6 dead and 26 injured,” Mons deputy prosecutor Damian Berheien said at a press conference. Victims evacuated not only to the hospital in Louviere, but also to Mons and Charleroi.

Carnival stopped

According to the Belgian daily La Libre, one family member of the victim would have asked the other brotherhood to continue homage to the victim. As a result, the party continued on the morning of a brutal drama just a few streets away. As a result, the municipality called on the Carnival Society to stop the festival in honor of the victims.

However, a traditional dance called “Rondeau” took place this Sunday at 11:00 am. It happened, but there was a homage vocation to the funeral.

An emergency plan for the local government has also been launched. “We have made the city sports hall available to families and the victim assistance services have been enabled,” said Mayor La Ruviere of Jack Gobert.

Driver and passenger arrested

“The car was occupied by two arrested people,” the deputy prosecutor said at a news conference, saying they were from Larviere, born in 1988 and 1990, respectively, and were unknown to the authorities for terrorist acts. Stated. Due to the apparent need for an investigation, several police cars surrounded the vehicle all day, forming boundaries of judicial exclusion.

Terrorist trucks are not privileged

As soon as the public prosecutor’s office was informed of his facts, the investigative judge was confiscated for the number of murders. The prosecution did not confirm rumors that “the vehicle slowed down before accelerating towards the crowd” during the day, refuting the idea that these facts happened “after competition with the police.” Deputy Damian Berheien finally concluded that “at the moment of the investigation, the path of terrorists is not privileged.”