Benoit Costil Incident: Florian brunette / Ultra Marines explains, club finally communicates

Sud Ouest and L’Equipe discuss the situation of Girondan de Bordeaux. UltramarineTowards Benoit Costil, Especially racism. These accusations began with a first period of quarrel between Benoît Costil and Anel Ahmedhodzic against Montpellier. The beginning of what follows. The team was aware of the information that Ultramarine was aware of: Gerard Lopez And the day before the match, Benoît Costil asked the first person to bring his experience and to play his role with the young people and encourage them.In this regard, Benoit Costil’s frustrating gesture to probably Bosnian internationals “Ignite the powder” As the Ultras spokesman explained.

The following clearly explains these images of Benoît Costil and Florian brunettes facing each other in harsh words, and Bordeaux explaining that Virage Sud or its representatives were purchased (certainly by Bordeaux management). It is a gesture from the porter of. If it’s been silent since the defeat, Gerard Lopez went to the bottom of South Bend during breaks and calmed things down a bit, despite tweets targeting players. 9 Unfortunately, it was a waste of time.

Then, on social networks, serious criticism came out about the action. “Sometimes racist” With Benoit Costil … Laurent Koscielny. Some people don’t understand the timing, others openly consider planned action, and others always make very bad choices at this timing level, but ultramarine is probably Indeed, they are Girondins. Benoît Costil, criticized for being at the last level of the worst defense in Europe and elected by the President at the level of leadership and control, is now targeted, at least those we don’t allow, nothing more happens. Hmm.

However, racism, or all forms of racism accusations, are serious and more difficult to prove. This is the reason for the complexity. The media, especially Sud Ouest and L’Equipe, as far as we know, have elements and testimony from the club’s former steward (dismissed on December 1 for “real serious reason”) and steward. I’m waiting. I’m still in the club. The testimony dates back a few months to October last year. These two testimonies are subject to anonymity and we do not have the content of their remarks, but Ultramarine guarantees it: “We were informed in the spring and studied this information thoroughly until it was certain.”.. To these two stewards, according to Requip, a player will be added to indicate that two players may occur. “Slipping, but in a joke tone.”

On the other hand, it is very dishonest to say that Benoît Costil and Laurent Koscielny have doubts about racism.In addition, some employees came to us and testified to the fact that he was not, especially Benoit Costil was a priority. “Absolutely not a racist”..We also added frequently to make it completely transparent “Jokes about religion, color, and somewhat vulgar language are common in locker rooms, but perhaps any structure, apparently a Girondin locker room, is no exception, but players are bidirectional. Go and it’s never one-sided. From the moment we want to use it maliciously, it is clear that we are in a society where we can estimate, transform, or provide each statement. Still, RMC, 20 minutes, L’Equipe and Sud Ouest were unable to collect other testimony to prove the racist behavior of Benoît Costil and Laurent Koscielny. Mbayenian When Enock KwatengIn this regard, and after the match against Montpellier, Benoît Costil assured his supporters that he was not a racist. Again, in this sense too, those who are very courageous are looking to take the risk and affirm the opposite.

In this regard, the lack of testimony consistent with Ultramarine’s testimony Florian brunette However, as discussed the day before in the face of lack of communication from the club, he explains that the lack of press releases from players can be seen as evidence. “Finally, note that the player support statement has not been released. That means a lot.”

Then there is the question, “How do you prove this?” “. It’s simply impossible and gives way to the famous” words for words. ” But, as Florian Brunet explained, Ultramarines seems determined to keep going. “The tongue gradually loosens. The evidence is in the hands of the journalist. They are decisive, detailed and decorated. The tongue loosens. And if that is not enough, the facts are more accurate. Present to.

Finally, go back to timing. If the internal investigation has been done for several months, it’s amazing if it brings something concrete. So why now? From the beginning of the season, ultramarine is often criticized not only by management but also by athletes for being too soft. This time around, we’re heading in a completely different direction, with hundreds of supporters already at the exit of Bordeaux Montpellier, but we also need to underpin this “incident.” But two days before the match, the sacred union was still claimed. “The positive atmosphere wasn’t working anyway. The negative atmosphere, even if forced, I haven’t tried it yet.”.. Famous electro shock? For some reason, but once again, the accusations are serious and there are concerns that this will have a further negative impact, especially as there are more excuses in this group with a very flawed mind, especially from the beginning of the season. More and more often there is more than an act.

The future tells us, but on our side we really want appeasement. And if we have to die (that is, going to League 2), let’s have a worthy death. All of us. We have our beliefs, but we have the image that fits our club. In this sense, the Girondan Bordeaux football club contacted late Tuesday night, blaming the facts if they proved, and contacting them on their side, especially this famous appeasement policy. I asked for.

“The club is informed of the existence of allegations of unacceptable behavior and racist comments that may have been made by club employees. Such behavior is retained by the club and its players. It would be completely inconsistent with the values. However, so far, documents aimed at supporting these claims have not drawn the attention of the club. The club intends to pay the utmost attention in principle. And we must remember the need to respect the principle of presumption of innocence. This is not a time of controversy when the entire club has to focus on the purpose of the sport. Such accusations If proven to be justified, the club will immediately bring out all the appropriate results.

The following articles talking about this file in Sud Ouest and L’Equipe will be fully found in the paper version this Wednesday morning.