Bernard Dubourg, Mayor of Herve Branch, adjutant for sports, closes the door

Hitch with explanation: Bernard Dubourg resigns from the city council at …

Hitch with explanation: Bernard Dubourg resigned from the city council within a few days, officials confirmed with “Sad West.” A decision to consume a divorce that has been going on for several weeks with Mayor Elve Branch.


It was the mayor’s wish to build a new building for the Rochefort Football Club (RFC) in La Casseaux Prêtres to materialize the disagreement. Instead of the current building, a new building near the two future artificial turf pitches, including changing rooms, clubhouses and storage spaces.

“They have been waiting for eight years.”

For Bernard Dubourg, the development of a single synthetic soccer field and multisport training hall was a priority in terms of sporting goods. However, it is not a restructuring of the structure that makes it possible to host regional-level football competitions, described by Bernard Dubourg as “irrational.” The problem is the investment amount quantified by the deputy mayor in charge of sports at 1.5 million euros (1).

The cause of the disagreement was the rebuilding of the Rochefort Football Club's changing rooms and clubhouse on the Casseaux Prêtres site.

The cause of the disagreement was the rebuilding of the Rochefort Football Club’s changing rooms and clubhouse on the Casseaux Prêtres site.

David Bryan

According to him, it’s equivalent to the amount of money spent to build a new 800m² gymnasium that comes consecutively from the annex of the Grimaud Gymnasium. “They have been waiting for eight years,” Bernard Dubourg points out: seven sports, hand clubs, basketball, volleyball, archery, roller hockey, roller skates, affected by the lack of infrastructure for training. Mention badminton. This is a licensee with over 1,000 people. Not to mention expectations for “health and leisure sports,” the resigned elected official is convinced that “the project for this new building can be canceled. We have actually canceled Notre Dame de Land.” It states.

And it will convince him, not the diagnosis announced by the mayor on Wednesday, January 26th. »»

After interviewing Mayor Elve Branch in January, we couldn’t reverse the priorities and support 6 by holding a meeting at the Town Hall a few days later.When Gymnasium (2).

Success and failure

Bernard Dubourg puts an end to the eight-year elected pledge. The hiring of the city’s former sports director during the 2014 Victory City campaign was considered an asset, including its competitors. In addition, the new breakdown of subsidies to various sports clubs he defined was considered more equitable and was welcomed by the opposition bench.

In 2015, when Bernard Dubourg bought the 4,000 square meters of the Beaune Gymnasium, which the club wanted to make available, and “swallowed” the snake, he undertook several major projects. .. , La Rochefortaise, then the development of a new gymnasium for the SAR Boxe gymnasium.

Nonetheless, the first warning sounded in 2021 when he abstained at the time of voting in favor of the construction of two additional padel courts (outdoors) in addition to the indoor complex.

In 2014, Bernard Dubourg agreed to join the list of Elve Branches because he felt he had “freedom”. This no longer applies to this strong personality. One of the few elected members of the majority publicly undertakes the difference with the mayor.

(1) In addition to the development of two synthetic soccer fields (1 million euros each).

(2) The other five gymnasiums are Polygone, Vieille Forme, Denfert-Rochereau, Grimaux and their annexes.