Biathon-World Cup-Justine Braisaz-Bouchet is really a mass start queen

We call it a victory at Lovelysus. Far from the last event of the season, Holmenkolen’s mass start, Justine Brizas Bushe shot an impeccable standing shot. 10 out of 10 that opened the door to victory. If this reminds you of something, it’s normal. It was through an approaching scenario that a French woman won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics last month. But happiness is by no means alone. The combination of improbable situations also allowed him to surrender himself to the special world of crystal icing on his Sunday cake.

“”The scenario is incredible, obviously it was what I dreamed of and I didn’t expect it to happen, She enjoyed it. It’s a day’s hell and emotional (Simon Desthieux and Ana├»s Bescond, editor’s note), as there are a lot of biathletes stopping by the team, it was their last race today.“When the Beth Condo was over, Justine Blizzers gave me a glass of champagne directly, but because she was the big winner of the last race of the winter, the bubbles were also for her, so in one go. Not twice.


Bakken’s little globe, Jacqueline’s final podium: Mass start summary

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Brisas passes between the drops and takes the lead of the mass start

I never expected this scenario to happen today, but it was still in my head.

If she was competing in a small globe race, the Scythe’s champion was far from gripping the rope. She was mostly obliged to impose herself to achieve her goals, but even in the case of victory, she relied on the results of Elvira Eberi and Dorothea Wierer, who took the lead in the Mass Start World Cup classification. was doing. All the pieces of this unlikely puzzle eventually fell into place, not without a certain cruelty to Eberi. The Swedes were good enough in 4th place, but finished in 5th place after their compatriot Linn Persson won the line.

“”I’ve been thinking about specialty gloves since the mass start at Oteper, but it was my dream to win by a few points behind Dorothea Wierer and Elvira Ebery!“She confided to a NordicMag colleague on Sunday. I never thought this scenario would happen today, but it was all the same in my head. I was going to build the race like I did. And I enjoyed setting specific goals. I didn’t expect this scenario to happen today, but it was still in my head. I got out of the results. It was very good. ” She added: “It’s a very beautiful sport!“She was so surprised that when she cut the line, she wasn’t thinking about taking out the calculator and creating an account at all.

In any case, it is difficult to dream of better results for those who continue to be one of the great winter figures for Biathlon in France. Justine Bryzabushe would definitely take a step forward if Easy Hwiyoung Mylet shines in a thousand lights and establishes itself as the only tricolor leader. With her individual gold medal and small crystal gloves at the Olympics, it’s unlikely she hasn’t had a successful season. The mass start really belongs to him, as his two greatest weapon feats have been achieved in this area. “”I can even sum up my season in two words: mass and start.“, She laughed.

With the French flag in hand, the arrival of the victory of Blizas Bushe in the video

Get consistency to achieve higher goals

These stunts make sure Braisaz can get everyone to agree at any time. Her physical potential makes her one of the fastest athletes on the circuit. A French woman is in danger when everything is in place and she does not miss a shot. The gold and crystals she just earned in the last four weeks could be a catalyst and turning point for her 25-year-old “JBB” career. But if she wants to reach higher goals, she must earn regularly. Beijing was symptomatic in this regard. Before the mass coronation began, her records were devastating. She was 40th on an individual basis and 48th on a sprint. After that, she preferred to give up her pursuit.

Justine Blizas has already won four World Cups (not counting Olympic titles). By the way, Anais Bescond retired with one success, and his 3-year-old senior Anais Chevalier Bushe also won the circuit only once. However, the latter is much more regular, finishing fifth in the general classification of the World Cup this winter and three ranks ahead of Brissaz. If you want to get closer to what your Olympic champions are aiming for in their abilities, you need to be consistent. If she goes ahead with this plan, the sky will be the limit.

Justine Blizzers-Buchette

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