Biden’s Supreme Court candidate protects against Republican attacks

Judge Ketangi Brown Jackson, a candidate for the US Supreme Court, answers a question from Republican Senator Josh Hawley on March 22, 2022, in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC.

African-American Justice of the Peace Ketanji Brown Jackson was actively defending himself from attacks by Senator Senators, especially as the Senate Judiciary Committee was considering running for the Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 22. Condemned his expected laziness in the case of a child.Pornography or support given by a particular person “Leftist Association”..

After hours of fairly polite cross-examination, Republican Ted Cruz blamed her head-on throughout her career. “Defending sexual predators” As a federal judge “In 100% of child pornography cases, we pronounced sentences lower than required.” Submitted to him. “As a mother, these incidents scared me.” When “I still sometimes have nightmares about it.”She argued and left an emotional hint for the first time. “I have always treated them very seriously, like all other crimes filed with me.” »»

Senator Josh Hawley later returned to prosecution and his decision to sentence a man arrested for possessing child pornography to three months in prison while prosecutors demanded detention for at least two years. Insisted for a long time. He had just graduated from high school and other elements of his file were concrete and justified the justice of the peace.

“If you look at the 100 or so decisions I made, and the decisions of other judges, more broadly (…), You will see us all trying to take into account all the relevant factors in order to provide justice in a personalized way. “, She added. A few elected Democrats recalled that 70% of the sentences pronounced in the case of child pornography at the national level were lower than the size set by Congress.

“Critical Theory of Race”

The passage of these weapons is a fairly thirsty hearing and should not undermine Judge Jackson’s candidacy. This brilliant 51-year-old legal scholar, appointed by President Joe Biden to the Supreme Court, should be the first black woman to sit in the High Court, receiving a green light from the Senate in early April, unless surprised.According to the survey Politico-Morning Consult, 47% of Americans want confirmation, only 19% disagree.

Beyond the symbol, his arrival on behalf of resigned judge Stephen Breyer does not change the balance within the temple of American law, where conservatives maintain a solid majority of six of the nine seats. This low stake explains why most elected Republicans don’t fight fiercely against his candidacy. But those with presidential ambitions used his hearing to echo their favorite themes.

Beyond the pedophile blast, Ted Cruz also has Judge Jackson “Critical Race Theory”.. In the minds of conservatives, this theory is taught at school, forcing white children to consider themselves oppressors and black children to be victims.

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“It’s an academic theory that analyzes racism at the institutional level.” When “Teached only in my opinion at the law school”She argued. “But I haven’t studied it or used it in my job as a judge. I wouldn’t do it if confirmed by the Supreme Court.» »

“Judges should not talk about politics”

Other elected Republicans criticized her for defending Guantanamo inmates or hard-line criminals when she was a lawyer in Washington’s legal aid services from 2005 to 2007. “That’s what makes us great. »»

“My family members are on fire, so I’m very committed to public security.”She also pointed out that her brother and two uncles were or were police officers.

Tell yourself “Problem” By some facts “Leftist Association” In support of her candidacy, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told her she “Extreme”.. ” number “She argued. “Do not import personal views or preferences” In my decision she said repeatedly.

As for political subjects, she avoided, according to convention. In particular, she refused to comment on the call made by several elected officials and the Left Association to create a new seat in the Supreme Court to weaken the influence of conservative justice of the peace. “In my opinion, judges should not talk about politics. »»

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