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See a detailed summary of Plus belle la vie in episode 4506 on Monday, March 28, 2022, broadcast in France 3. Delphine and Théo decide to hide Coralie’s body without telling Franck. Blanche is worried that Coralie will not contact him. Gerard lied to everyone and Kevin was fooled.

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A more beautiful life than Delphine

Delphine lie to Franck and talk about hijacking when Coralie hides / screen capture @

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Theo took Coralie out of the water, he doesn’t want to believe she’s dead. Delphine soothes him and tries to find out if Theo knows anything.
Theo doesn’t know when he last talked to Coralie.
Corrary has been bruised in her temple … Delphine asks him if he fought Corrary. Theo replies that he doesn’t know.
Delphine believes that the solution is to get rid of the car.

Blanche leaves a message to Coralie to confirm the booking time for dinner at the restaurant. Blanche confesses to Frank that he is a little worried because he hasn’t been contacted by Coralley.

A more beautiful life than Theo

Theo is in shock. He lost his memory of his last moment / PBLV before episode 4506 on March 28, 2022 / Screen capture @

Frank and Blanche go to Theo, they think Corrary is there with Delphine.

Fanny has an important slate in Marci, so he will talk to Laetishia to ask her to talk to Gerald. He borrows 450 euros.

A more beautiful life than Laetitia

Gérard continues to interfere with Laetitia’s life / screen [email protected]

A little later, Gerard sees Carmen on the terrace … he seems to have fallen in love.

Coralie PBLV

Theo finally sees the dead Coralley corpse again / screen [email protected]

Theo told Delphine, “What if I killed Coralie? »… Everything gets confused in his head. Delphine promises Theo that she won’t let him go. I don’t remember, so I’m worried.

A more beautiful life than Frank

Frank comforts Delphine … but he doesn’t know everything / screen [email protected]

Blanche and Frank arrive at Theo’s house, but no one is there. Frank knows he doesn’t have a car and believes Theo took him on a tour of the Grand Duke.

Frank received a call from Delphine saying he had a problem. She sends him their place.Delphine tells Frank that they were the victims of carjacking … and Theo was shocked because he was beaten.

A More Beautiful Life Before Episode 4506 on March 28, 2022: Gerard Pockets Kevin

Kevin gives Gerard money to help: he withdraws € 500 from his savings account. Kevin asks Gerard for help. Gerard learns that Laetishia is dating a businessman Valentin Career.

Whiter and more beautiful life

Blanche is worried that something has happened to Coralie / Screen capture @

Gerard offers a bottle of champagne at the table of enthusiasts Laetishia / Valentin. That’s how Valentin came to know Laeticia’s brothers. The latter is outgoing and smiling … he does a lot. Laeticia is uncomfortable when Gerard talks about his childhood memories.

Delphine doesn’t tell Franc the truth about Coralie, she says she’s thinking of Théo

Rochat, Nathan, Blanche are waiting for Coralie for a reunion at the restaurant … but no one arrives.

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