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French Women's Army Team World Cup 2022

The Tricolor Selection won the 2022 Women’s Military World Cup by disposing of Cameroon (2-1) in the final from Friday to Saturday night in the United States.

The 13th Women’s World Championships of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) returned to Cameroon’s winner Tricolor Selection in the evening finals from Friday 22nd July to Saturday 23rd July (2-1). .. This is Le Bruce’s second success at the event after winning her first crown in Brittany in 2016 at the expense of Brazil with the same score.


World title (2016, 2022)


Final (2008, 2015, 2016, 2022)


3rd place (2007, 2010)


Win in 2022 (19 goals, 2 goals)

Hub, who led the American football synthetic half-time at Union Stadium in Spokane (USA) with a goal at Bonben Confidence (24th), rents a proud candle to Rachel Corvoz. Stade de Reims midfielder scored his only goal against South Korea in the previous match to advance to the final, but doubled his save in the second half.

She first noticed at the end of the low center from Marion Brownwart, intelligently left in the past by Sarah Parasin, equalizing from the left from the penalty spot (47th). For this mistake, following a hand outside the area from goalkeeper Annette Florengondom before offering his team a win and title with a free kick (79 days) from 20 meters in the middle of the skylight. I was banished.

World Champion

player: Anissa Belkasmi (US Orleans LF, D2), Laurie Bezonves (Albi Marsac TF ASPTT, D2), Vivian Budo (OGC Nice, D2), Marion Brownwart (Montoban FCTG, D2), Tifine Brisonette (Grenoble F38, D2), Rachel Corvo (Stade de Reims, D1), Pauline Cousin (RC Lens, D2), Morgane Duporge (RC Strasbourg, D2), Audrey Dupupet (USOrléansLF, D2), Solène Froger (Stade Brestois 29) , D2), Léa Gauthier (Montauban FCTG, D2), Christy Gavory (RC Lens, D2), Mélissa Godart (OGC Nice, D2), Coline Gouineau (Olympique de Marseille, D2), Alizée Leroy (FC Fleury 91, D1), Julie Marichaud (OGC Nice (D2), Sarah Palacin (OGC Nice, D2), Julie Pasquereau (Stade de Reims, D1), Fany Pronize (RC Lens, D2), Vaihei Samin (FC Fleury 91, D1), Lina Thivillon (RC Lens) , D2).

coach: Mark Morfroy (Technical Advisor in Loiret Division).

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Sarah Parasin, who scored the highest score in OGC Nice’s 2022 Women’s D2, is the best French coach of the event (4 goals). She beats Rachel Corvoz, RC Strasbourg defender Morgan Dupolge and US Orleans striker Anissa Belkasmi (3 goals each). South Korea defeated the United States (0-3) to take third place.

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World championship results

Group A

Ranking: 1. Cameroon, 12 points (+24); 2. United States, 9 points (+15); 3. Germany, 6 points (+4); 4. Ireland, 3 points (-19); 5. Belgium, 0 points (-twenty four).

Group B

Tuesday, July 12: Netherlands- France 0-8 – Target: Morgane Duporge (9th, 36th), Sarah Palacin (23rd), Fany Proniez (57th), Anissa Belkasmi (71st), Tiphaine Brissonnet (75th), Viviane Boudaud (81st), Julie Pasquereau (85th) ).

Saturday, July 16: France-Mali 5-1– Target: Sarah Palacin (9th, 80th), Christy Gavory (14th, 70th), Morgane Duporge (67th).

Monday, July 18: France-Canada 3-0– Target: Anissa Belkasmi (64th, 83rd), Sara Parasin (67th).

Wednesday, July 20: Korea-France 0-1 – Target: Rachel Corvoz (90th).

Ranking: 1.1. France12 points (+16); 2. South Korea, 9 points (+12); 3. Mali, 6 points (+1); 4. Netherlands, 1 point (-14); 5. Canada, 1 point (-15) ).

3rd place playoff
Friday, July 22: South Korea-US 0-3

Saturday, July 23: France -Cameroon 2-1 – Target: Rachel Corvoz (47th, 79th).

Replay final

Kentian for boys

The selection of the men’s army also stood out by winning the 100th Kentian Challenge in June, a friendly triangular tournament founded in 1921. The trophy went up with a victory over the Netherlands (4-0) and a draw against England (1-1). 31st time. France was made up primarily of career soldiers, with IC Croix Jean Chopin (N3) goalkeepers, SC Sylticaim Stefantritz (N2) and FCSR Agno Jonathan Palpaise (N2) defenders. She was also reinforced by former pros Florent Andre (SC Bastia) and Ladislas Douniama (EA Gangan, RC Strasbourg).

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