BMX: Riders and Connected, Jef Verboom, athletes in multiple hats

Jeff Barboom, one of the faces of the Passion BMX Serignan Club, a rider and content creator, has contributed to the evolution of the sport in the process of professionalization.

When he’s not on a BMX truck, Jef Verboom explores another playground, social networks. Influencer? The brunette hints at his taste this season, so he flirts. Despite having 10,000 subscribers on Instagram and over 140,000 views on Youtube, he masters these platforms at his fingertips.

At the same time, Jef Verboom is an employee of Passion BMX Sérignan, a sports and education club. The 30-year-old rider visits the structure website, engages in social activities in priority areas, and offers young members BMX and freestyle scootering lessons. He has evolved as an athlete, teacher and content creator at the Urban Sports Park in Sérignan for two and a half years.

His own BMX

Before settling in the small town of Erow, Jeff Barboom explored BMX elsewhere. In Nice, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Montpellier, Lyon and Portugal, overseas careers have built a view of his discipline.

“BMX is completely closed with the correct code”, He observes. These codes, Jef Verboom, get rid of them.Even brave sports followers “A little messy”, He is not Daredevil. Not corn, ironed trousers, or a clear perfume. He is even convinced that he has carefully processed the color associations before adopting the costume. “It’s not common in sports that fall to the ground.”

This dissonance brought him some teasing. “Ken of BMX”, he is staring at this teasing nickname. Don’t get me wrong, what may look like coquetry actually means a desire to do well.The requirements that one person points out, “Too high ability”.. Rider answers frankly Note: “My goal is not to do better than others, but to do better than yesterday.”..

“Democratize physical preparation”

“I always knew I wasn’t going to be a world champion.” He humbly recalls his later encounter with BMX at the age of 18. This does not prevent him from bringing his stones to the building: supervision and rigor.

When it comes to physical preparation, Jeff Barboom knows what he’s talking about. If he is so obsessed with overseeing discipline, it is because he paid a high price for amateur practice. A victim of repeated injuries, he put an end to his racing career.

“I learned BMX alone on the street, but one day I can hire a trainer when I turn 40.” Today he is a witness and actor in this evolving sport. Before the session, Jef Verboom prepares, warms up, and plans to recover. “I don’t say I changed the code, but it helped democratize the physical preparation on BMX.”He believes.

Networking and Cycling: Storytelling with BMX

Jef Verboom combines using social networks “Sports and creativity”.. He has developed some unique concepts, especially on YouTube. In “Ride in Sérignan,” he introduces the city on a motorcycle.

He also launched a series of “worst spots” for practicing BMX. About 10 years ago, when he started producing content, “No one spoke BMX on Youtube in France.”..

This exclusivity allowed him to attract a young audience. He not only sends sports, physical and well-being advice, but also sends important messages. “You can play sports anywhere. The important thing is to go out and do it.”