Bordeaux stadium makes sports a means of social inclusion

in fact, Stade Bordelais won first place in the “Clubs” category in the “Prepas Sports” system...The device that Laurent Baudinett, President and Deputy Director of Stade Bordelais, Caroline Molda, has announced at 100% UBB.

France Bleu Gironde: Remember that the history of Stud Boldure is rugby!

Laurent Baudinet: Our historical DNA, Rugby and high-level rugby since 1889, with seven titles of French champions... Today we are still at a high level, with 5 of the highest level selections and 66 athletes. Stud Boldure is a field of 35 sports, with 100 teams of all ages enrolled in classical and leisure sports... It has 5500 members and 100 leaders. We focus on being on-site actors, territorial actors, neighborhood actors called social cohesion, and accompaniment to the entire population, some of which can experience temporary difficulties. .. And Prepasport is a very nice device for these young people we have been involved with for eight years.

France Blue Gironde: What is Prepa Sport?

Caroline Molda: Prepa Sports, it started with a simple observation: Thanks to sports, how to support people who are very far from practice, in this case young people, young people under the law, young people with child protection, young people. Do or have a disability. He wondered how Stud Boldure could provide know-how and desires and mobilize these young people. Prepasport has 35 hours a week, 5 months to finally release and bounce all the brakes it has at the time of integration. And to that end, we offer them a wide range of training and certifications. For example, we are funding a driver’s license because today’s mobility is not only essential to regaining life and work, but also CACS for working in logistics and buffalo. We will accompany them for the last five months, remove obstacles to integration, regain their confidence, offer these training courses, and at the end of the last five months, transform the exam by integrating the city hall. To do. , Community, partner companies, sports or not.

Over the eight years, 220 young people supported, with 94% attendance and 71% active outings.

France Bleu Gironde: Is sports the starting point for them to practice sports?

Caroline Molda: They play sports almost every day, so we don’t turn them into high-level athletes. We are looking for a young man who just wants to come and sweat, have fun for five months and recover. Because it is at the heart of the system. These are all empty and the young people we need this time. We trust them to leave.

France Blue Gironde Do they also find social life in team sports?

Laurent Baudinet: Even in areas that are considered individual areas in practice or in competition. In any case, there is a collective side. And that is also the whole difference. When you join a club, you join the collective and participate in the project, even in the so-called individual field. In any case, sports always have this collective aspect. And that’s what we want to give back to these young people, who are nuggets and real nuggets. I insist on the fact that these young people come voluntarily. No one pushes them, they really come from themselves, and it’s already the first level of commitment. And for these people facing difficulties, it is the first form of rebound, five months after this training or training, more than three-quarters are employed or before arriving at Bordeaux Stadium. , People who were very far away at first.

Caroline Molda intervenes while presenting the trophy in front of the Minister of Sports.
Caroline Molda intervenes while presenting the trophy in front of the Minister of Sports.
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France Bleu Gironde: Prépa Sport has been around for eight years. What kind of evaluation is it?

Caroline Molda: Over eight years, 220 young people have helped. The most important indicator for us is the youth attendance rate. That is, we are 35 hours a week from Monday to Friday, the attendance rate of young people who haven’t arrived at all. Their home has been around for two years and we have an attendance rate of about 94%. That is, the young man is there. This means that what we offer them is to meet their level of expectation and, above all, to meet their needs. It’s also interesting to have a baby ready for sports, as there is individual follow-up to keep the souffle from going beyond positive outings. Montwa Stadium In 2017, we started preparing for sports at Mont-De-Marsan.Just opened Greenie Sports Club This is a city with a significant number of political districts in the city. And there, we are discussing with other sports clubs in France to spread this system. I think this system really addresses the youth’s need for remobilization through sports.

This system enables tax exemption for businesses and individuals

France Bleu Gironde: Please give us a concrete example.

Caroline Molda: I would like to talk about Anne (the editor’s memo has been renamed) who arrived at Prepa Sports as a young mother of two children. The father is not in the family unit. And it’s the young man who was passionate about rugby who actually had her maternity ward and set aside her leisure practice and her professional projects a bit. So we took care of her children with Anne and allowed her to accompany her in the last five months.She was able to pass Buffa.. We worked with Pessac City Hall to coordinate Bafa’s transit times and qualified working hours. She was then taken to civil service in the concrete drop we work with. And this young Anne then BPJEPS.. And it’s a huge success because she’s a young person, moving from her role as a mother to a role as a woman, and she’s always been able to play a professional role in rugby.

France Bleu Gironde: How are the systems funded?

Caroline Molda: It’s thanks to public funding and the mobilization of the European Solidarity Fund. New Aquitaine region The person who has accompanied us since the origin of the system with Mont-de-Marsan. And we can get help from the country, the Ministry of Sports. It’s a somewhat paradoxical year for prepa sports, eight years. This year is the most difficult year to raise public funding to fund the system. Therefore, I also appeal to sponsors. Because I believe that businesses occupy a very important position in supporting the mobilization of young people and supporting clubs.

France Bleu Gironde: Is Prépa Sport one of the devices that allows tax exemption?

Laurent Baudinet: Of course. Sponsors, whether individuals or businesses, are fully eligible for sponsorship because they receive tax credits. I think this is the device if you have one. However, all actions taken by the club are also eligible to be sponsored, so there is a 66% tax credit for individuals and a 60% tax credit for businesses.