Boris Johnson compares Ukrainian resistance with Brexit and does not pass

UK-Parallel that does not pass. In a speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool, northern Britain, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was angry on Saturday (March 19) comparing Ukrainian resistance to Russia’s invasion of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Caused.

Boris Johnson, in front of London’s Ukrainian ambassador Vadim Pristeco, declared that it was time to “choose between freedom and oppression” and then “try to normalize relations with Vladimir Putin again. I presumed that it was a “mistake” to do. It’s like we did in 2014. “

For Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because he felt threatened by freedom and democracy. “In Putin’s Russia, he has been imprisoned for 15 years just to call the aggression an aggression, and if he opposes Putin in an election, he will be poisoned or shot,” he continued. The idea of ​​the Moscow revolution.

The British Prime Minister has been confused over relations with Russia’s billionaires and has begun comparing Ukraine’s resistance to Russia with Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

“I know it’s in people’s instincts [britannique]To choose freedom every time, like the Ukrainian people, “he said during a Conservative meeting. Politico. He added, “I think they weren’t at all hostile to foreigners when so many British people voted for Brexit. […].. That’s because they were free to do things differently and wanted the country to rule their own country. “

“Absolute shame”

This similarity between Brexit and the war in Ukraine quickly infuriated commentators. For Northern Ireland journalist Neil McKay, “it’s a shame to compare the fight for survival in Ukraine with Brexit,” he tweeted.

James O’Brien, presenter of the LBC radio station, didn’t even chop his words to the Prime Minister. “It has long been clear that Boris Johnson doesn’t have the slightest dignity, but I’m sometimes shocked by the depth of his decadence,” he tweeted, “insulting” the Prime Minister’s remarks. I called it. “Almost all Ukrainians” who want to join the European Union.

“The British Prime Minister has compared the current will of the Ukrainian people with the UK’s free vote to leave the EU. It’s absolutely disappointing,” journalist Alex Taylor responded.

British Government Head of Government Expresses His Understanding on Comparisons from Journalists Times Ian Martin wonders why conservative leaders chose to “unnecessarily reintroduce divisions” in “this extraordinary moment of national unity in favor of Ukraine.”

In the process, Donald Tusk, the former chairman of the European Council, estimated on Twitter that “Ukrainians, Brits, and common sense are offended.” Former EU negotiator Guy Verhofstadt called the Boris Johnson comparison “crazy” and noted that “Ukrainians want more freedom and want to join the EU.”

It also reacted French diplomacy. “If I were Ukrainian, I would feel insulted. If I were British, I would be embarrassed. As a French diplomat, I wouldn’t comment on Twitter …” declared on social networks. Also, Philippe Elera, Secretary of Political Affairs and Security on Orsay Street.

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