Braud-et-Saint-Louis: sports square in front of the power station

Several activities can be seen on the central sports plane, including wheelchair basketball here. Factory employees first benefited in June.Photo EDF – Constant Forme Bechera

A sports plane consisting of eight pitches was installed at the Blayais CNPE site in June. Several outdoor centers will benefit from the facilities throughout July.

EDF was looking for ways to benefit its territories from its main partner, the ambition for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The French power giant intends to be the “official supplier” of the event, making it “the most noble in history,” said Stephen Marie, communications manager at the Brae nuclear power plant.

So two years before the Paris Olympics, the utility installed a sports plane in front of the Blouet-Saint-Louis Nuclear Power Plant (CNPE). “Although we do not have an event in the Gironde, that does not prevent us from promoting Olympism and our shared values ​​of diversity, dedication and solidarity,” resumes Stephen Murray.

Specifically, the sports plaza set up in the factory includes a soccer field, badminton, basketball, sitting volleyball, beach volleyball, boccia (Editor’s note, a type of indoor petanque with leather balls, this event is on the Paralympic program), ping pong table, track and field stadium. These facilities are intended for local summer camps.

Therefore, the area hosts both the Olympic and Paralympic competitions. “There are many activities related to disability sports with facilitators and educators, such as sitting volleyball and boccia,” continues Stephen Murray. It is intended to show young people that it does not mean a decline in “The aim is also to change the way young people view disability.”

permanent installation

For the time being, and until the end of July, eight sports fields will benefit the region’s outdoor centers. Nevertheless, the sports plain was put in place with the idea of ​​perpetuating it. “For 2023 and he will renew his approach in July and in August of 2024, Oh he will open to Girondins residents and holidaymakers,” continues his manager at the factory communications. Access to the sports plane on Wednesdays and during school holidays is also planned from 2023.

CNPE du Blayais is also in contact with various players in the region, such as the Disabled Sports Department Committee, to offer activities related to blind football and wheelchair basketball. “We will also hold recruitment sessions throughout the sporting situation,” resumes Stephen Murray.The EDF representative also said that after the Paris Olympics the sport his plane will remain and benefit the sector. We guarantee that.


The proposal EDF has put forward for the structure is a matter of indulging in sports practice in the morning and discovering the world of energy in the afternoon after a picnic at the power station. In this way, CNPE du Blayais offers young people the opportunity to learn about energy by guiding them through the Oducerec space. Learn about different types of power generation (nuclear, gas, wind, solar, coal, etc.) and their benefits, including viewing wind turbines and nuclear reactors in virtual reality.

“They are the ones responsible for choosing tomorrow’s energy mix. The purpose is not to preach, but to teach, which is why we present everything,” warns Stephen Marie. Therefore, all data displayed in the Odysselec space are based on his IPCC research and not EDF.

Yoann Denichau