Bruce is waiting for the Messiah Mayer

With no medals yet on the eve of the end of the world in Eugene (Oregon), the French team once again put great hope on world record holder Kevin Mayer between the two waters after the first day of the decathlon. increase. Reading the mid-decathlon rankings, Kevin Mayer is in a disadvantageous position, 6th with 234 points and 4,372 points from Puerto Rico leader Aiden Owens Delerme.

However, half-timetables can be just a decoy for mixed events. Mayer has traditionally managed a great second day when most of his opponents skate in five tricky events. And best of all, Canadian Olympic champion Damian Warner had to give up after being injured during the 400m, freeing up the podium.

“”My biggest enemy was my best friend Damian, I didn’t like to see it. It’s the second day, paving the way that we didn’t have to be a world champion in the first place.I’m confident in the title, but young people will surely be surprised“The 2017 World Champion said. Warner, who defeated the French at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, certainly seemed to have already flown towards the title, but the French replaced the good one (at 100 meters). 10 seconds 62, height), medium (length 7.54 m, 49 seconds 40, 400 m or more), mistake (weight 14.98 m).

“”In the fog»»

However, Meyer has room to consider the podium, which has held the world record (9,126 points) since 2018, without approaching the best performance so far. And he was 32 points ahead of the Tokyo roster and won the Olympic silver medal. “”My day was full of twists and turns. I’m in the fog, as I’ve arrived in the village here. I have less joy than usual, + I feel like I’m just working.I don’t know, I may have indigestion, I sleep soundly at night, I thought it was pressure at first“The 30-year-old Frenchman who gave up at the last world in Doha in 2019 complained.

“”I felt good physically and was afraid of the height of a good competition without pain.In two months of preparation, I can’t get all my usual weapons“He added after a few weeks of injury from a tendon injury in the spring, shaped by 10 events he learned over the years after becoming the only French athletics medalist at the Japanese Olympics. A Montpellier man with a superhero physique may have to wear the costume of the savior of the French team. Saturday’s chance.

“”The medal would have been good»»

The second best sprinter in the 4x100m relay series missed the final from the first delivery between Michael Mebazeze and the young Pablo Mateo (21) outside the zone. Enough to be disqualified when they finished in 8th place anyway, and far away from the Canadian winners, they slowed down because of them. “”We expected it to be much better than that, but we need to mobilize, we have a good team and many deadlines are approaching (especially the Munich Euro in August).The medals would have had good results for the French team, but that’s right“Bruce described the experienced Jimmy Vicaut that existed in 2019 when he had already missed his first passage in the final at Doha World.

Gabriel Tual, the 2021 Olympic finalist and half-founder, couldn’t help with the excellent explanation of the 800m, finishing sixth in the open race and Jean-Marc Pontian in eighth in the triple jump. Therefore, Sunday will be placed in Mayer to raise the balance sheet. Or to the indestructible Renaud Lavillenie, who dreams of winning the podium in the pole vault. The title seems to be promised to Armand Duplantis of Sweden. The two blue 4x400m relays certified in the final need to surpass themselves in order to expect to play a leading role.