Bruno Le Mer envisions “causing the collapse of the Russian economy” and “economic and financial war”

The statement does not suffer from the beginning of ambiguity. “We will cause the collapse of the Russian economy”, Bruno Le Mer Declaration, Tuesday 1er March France Amfo due to Western economic sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “The economic and financial balance of power is in full favor of the European Union in the process of discovering that economic power.Said the Minister of Economy. We are targeting Vladimir Putin, we are targeting oligarchs, but we are also targeting the entire Russian economy. »»

Russia’s total wealth frozen by allies “Almost $ 1 trillion”, The Minister added: “We intend to wage a full-scale economic and financial war against Russia.”The day after the Central Bank of Russia raised interest rates to 20%. “Russia’s foreign exchange reserves are melting like snow in the sun, and Vladimir Putin’s famous war treasure chest is already almost zero.” He said.

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“Urgent is to raise Putin’s war costs.”The French president said on Monday, considering that sanctions have already been taken “It hurt more than President Putin expected.”..The mayor also said on Tuesday that Russians would be affected by sanctions. “For its ruler” ; “I don’t know the other way”, He admitted.

“Please pay attention to your speech, everyone in attendance.», Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the current Vice-Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, replied. “Remember that economic warfare in human history has often turned into a real war. »»

Ruble plunge

Airspace closures, personality and corporate asset freezes, financial or commercial ties questions … Europe and the United States have recently taken the lead to discourage Moscow from continuing its attacks on Ukraine. .. One of the recent measures, the freeze on the foreign currency assets of the Central Bank of Russia held abroad, caused the Russian currency to plunge on Monday, and many people rushed to the banks to withdraw cash. As an urgent matter, Russia banned its residents from transferring foreign currency abroad on Monday, forcing Russian exporters to convert most of their income into rubles.

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Regarding the issue of secondary damage to the French economy from this series of sanctions, the Minister acknowledged: Europe may have a little more inflation, probably as gas prices go up a bit. “ The minister said he would like to extend the tariff shield on energy prices beyond the scheduled end date in June.

Regarding the protection provided by the state, the minister made a distinction between households and businesses. “We have decided to protect our individuals. This is our top priority.” Did he declare?But there is no “All companies do not have a global tariff shield.” First supported “Consumes large amounts of gas and is exposed to international competition.”He elaborated.

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“When I listen to French and speak to them, they have a price to pay for freedom, a price to defend Ukraine’s freedom, and a price to defend our most basic values. You can see that it is completely recognized. Supported the minister. At this price, we are doing everything we can to withstand the President and Prime Minister of the Republic as much as possible. »»

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