Bruno Le Mer guarantees that McKinsey Farm will “pay what you have to pay”

McKinsey’s company has been accused of tax optimization and “pays taxpayers and the state of France to pay,” said Bruno Le Mer, RTL’s Minister of Economy and Finance.

The Senate reports that McKinsey will have sales of € 329 million in France in 2020, of which about 5% are in the public sector but have not paid taxes for at least 10 years. On French territory, the American group employs about 600 people.This Sunday, Bruno Le Mer Grand jury By RTL-Le Figaro-LCI will be wary of consulting firms paying France what they should pay.

“We will definitely pay the taxes he has to pay to France like any other company. He will not slip through the gap and will pay what he has to pay (…) What we did for google [en matière d’optimisation fiscale, NDLR]I’ll do it for McKinsey. “

The Minister of Economy and Finance admits that McKinsey has not evaluated the amount not paid or the amount that must be repaid to the state. The minister even shows that he discovered this situation through a parliamentary report that described it as a “satirical example of tax optimization.”

False testimony

This information was released two months after a commission hearing in front of Senator Karim Tajedin, head of McKinsey’s public sector pole, confirming that his company would pay corporate taxes in France. rice field.

“Mr. Karim Tajedin’s remarks are likely to constitute false testimony in front of the investigative commission,” a member of the Senate committee warned, “the prosecutor will be confiscated.”

This situation could also affect the government, which reached € 894 million in consulting spending in 2021, especially in favor of McKinsey. For Bruno Le Mer, the choice to go through a consulting firm is “justified” if you don’t have the skills in-house.

“There are choices made for a particular service. For example, in IT, it is wise to ask a service provider to hire a civil servant to update this or such computer procedures over the years.” Bruno justified. Lemaire.

The Senate reported that spending on advice from ministries increased from € 379.1 million in 2018 to € 893.9 million in 2021.

Response from McKinsey sent to BFM Business

After the publication of this article, McKinsey wanted to respond. In a letter to BFM Business, McKinsey France provides the details of this file. The subsidiary “has been established in France since 1964” and “respects all applicable French tax and social rules”. She adds that her activities in France have been declared and “pay direct and indirect taxes each year.”

Regarding taxes and fees, “McKinsey France paid about € 422 million in taxes and social costs between 2011 and 2020.” “The company is subject to corporate tax in France and paid this tax in the year the company made a profit in France.”

Finally, regarding transfer pricing, McKinsey admitted that he has “an approach that is not unique to France and applies to the various countries in which it exists”, “this approach is known to French administrative taxes.” It is clearly stated.

McKinsey France added, “After the hearing on January 18, 2022, there was no request from the Investigation Commission on this matter.”

Pascal Samama