Burkina School and College Sports: Haut-Bassan Area Attacks U15

The Hauts-Bassan region will be in the final of the Burkina Faso School and University Sports Union (USSU-BF) in the U15 handball in Ziniare, the capital of the Plateau Santra region, on Saturday night, April 30, 2022. Won. football. The tournament was held in the presence of Smilea Vitivale, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Employment, representing Minister Wabo Abdul Drabo.

The National School Sports Federation’s convention, which began in December 2021, reached deification among U15 on Saturday night, April 30, 2022. On this occasion, Ziniare, the capital of the Central Plateau region, is the host team and officer of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Employment.

The Haut-Bassan region played two finals. In handball, the girl in Bobo-Dioulasso opposed the girl in the Central Plateau. Evolved in front of the local crowd, the Ziniaré girl did not match the Bobo-Dioulasso girl who made the difference from the start of the match. In half-time, Voloraise was already leading 7 against 13 goals. In the second half of the match, the Bobo team was a heavy burden. At the end of the regulated time, Oh Bassan won the game with 22 goals against 9 for a girl on the Central Plateau.

Captain of the Oh Bassan team who received the trophy from the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Employment (right) and the Secretary-General of the Central Plateau Area

Soccer has made boys in the Oh Bassan area fight against boys in the east. The final match between the two best teams in the tournament. At the kick-off, Volley wanted to fold the match immediately. Dioussoussouma Soura, coach of the Oh Bassan Regional Team, said:

However, the prediction is distorted by the tenacity of the eastern formation. A committed, technical, eastern player unfortunately turned out to be clumsy in front of the opposite goal. Don’t worry, they forced their opponents to penalize, but lost three successful shots against the two in the east.

The team in the eastern region lost the penalty

In the Oh Bassan area, two finals won one night. “Because Bobo-Dioulasso is a city of sports, the kids are more skilled. That’s why they do it regardless of the level of the match. All the players belong to the club,” Oh. Bassan football coach Dioussoussouma Soura explained.

Issues raised for the Ministry of Sports Youth Employment

USSU-BF stands despite the difficulties facing Burkina Faso. This delights the university’s school sports director and the next generation of Bavanien Sirima. “I’m very happy with how this tournament was held. I watched a very fun game. This is the first time I’ve gathered young people to see a level of performance that only we can be pleased with. Convincing us that the future is possible with school sports, this strengthens us for the purposes we set ourselves by organizing competitions, “he said. ..

Sporting goods were given to regional directors to promote the practice of sports in the region

Seven areas were competing. These are soccer, volleyball, handball, basketball, judo, athletics and wrestling. For Sports Director Rasmane Sawadgo, this is a difficult bet that has just been picked up. “Holding these finals is a bet for us and we did it,” he said.

It is an honor for the city of Ziniare to host these finals for the Secretary-General of the Plateau Soundtrack region. “Sports are an easy activity to mobilize. I was happy to see the USSU-BF2022 National Final in Ziniare. I was in a very good final,” he explained.

In the case of girls, the finals were handballed against Haut-Bassin and the Central Plateau area.

Winners were presented with medals, trophies and an economic envelope of CHF 150,000. The unfortunate finalist left a silver medal and a total of 125,000 CFA francs. According to the general director of sports, the college finals will take place within a few weeks.

Jack Theodore Barima