Can the Champions League final be held in Russia? -release

Ukraine, Phoney Warcase

After Moscow approves the separatist region of Ukraine, there are growing calls for the relocation of the finals of the European tournament scheduled for May 28 in St. Petersburg, which could signal an invasion. UEFA is procrastination.

How will one of the most popular sporting events on the planet take place in a war-torn country that has invaded the territory of a neighboring country? That’s the question some football fans are asking as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalate. And one of them lives at 10 Downing Street in London. For Boris Johnson, it is unlikely that this final will take place on May 28th at the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia.British Prime Minister on Tuesday “There is no chance to hold a football tournament in Russia, which invades a sovereign state.” To Vladimir Putin “Withdrawal from the precipice” Don’t move on “Complete aggression” From Ukraine.

Sports Culture Minister Nadine Dorries added to Twitter “Deep concern” Especially about holding a sporting event in Russia, citing this Champions League final. “We do not allow President Putin to abuse events on the international stage to justify his illegal invasion of Ukraine.” She she “Government body of jurisdiction”.

“Vector of social emotions”

London has clearly decided to be at the forefront of the matter, and British Foreign Minister Liz Truss spoke Wednesday morning urging British clubs to boycott the event if qualified. “If I was a member of the English team, I would boycott. [la finale].. Personally, I don’t want to play soccer in St. Petersburg, given what the Putin administration is doing. “ She spoke to LBC Radio. The four British clubs (Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United) are still competing.

Poland’s Minister of Sport Kamil Bortniczuk has proposed sanctioning Russia by robbing Russia of not only the organization of the Champions League finals, but also the organization of the World Volleyball Championship starting August 26. “Sports are a very important vector of social emotions and if we authorize sports […] It will be felt firstly, conspicuously, secondly by Russian society, and it should be the role of sanctions, He told the Polish nationalist site w Polityce. The withdrawal of the Volleyball World Championship, the withdrawal of rights to the Champions League final, or the holding of a playoff match is definitely recognized by the Russians and is related to the fact that the policies pursued by the authorities do not meet international acceptance. increase.

UEFA is monitoring, but temper

Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has been published in several European media “Observe the situation closely and continuously” When “If necessary, all decisions will be made on time.” According to the British press, the Covid-19 pandemic is considering the possibility of moving the finals to Lisbon in 2020 and Porto in 2021, as forced by the previous two editions.

But can UEFA leaders wait for evolution and escalation potential? -An event in Ukraine to decide to move the final meeting of the flagship tournament. Gazprom, a major player in the Russian gas industry, named after St. Petersburg Stadium, has also been the main sponsor of the contest since 2012. Broadcaster, “Illuminate soccer”, The partnership was renewed in May 2021.

At that time, the UEFA described Gazprom as one of them. “Most trusted partner” When “Leader in his field”. According to the SportBusiness sponsorship, for good reason, the company will provide UEFA € 40 million per season to sponsor the Champions League. Alexander Dukov, chairman of Paris Saint-Germain and a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, is also the general manager of Gazprom Neft, the oil division of Gazprom. He is not the only one to be held liable in the event of a war between Russia and Ukraine. If Germany announces on Tuesday that it will suspend the licensing process for the new NordStream 2 gas pipeline connecting to Russia, the Schalke 04 club will still … rely on a favorable sponsorship agreement with Gazprom.