Canadian gymnasts demand freezing of funds for their sport

In an open letter sent to Minister Pascal St. Onji on Thursday – and four months later Share a devastating story About Years of Abuse-The Gymnasts for Change, a group of 508 athletes, has repeatedly called for rigorous action.

This includes third-party investigations and suspension of funding, as was done in Canadian hockey.

The group claims that their first request made a few months ago was Gymnastics Canada (GymCan), Sport Canada, and now ignored. Great damage to children’s gymnasts by your office and across the country..

The letter arrives a week after a trainer in Lethbridge, Arta, was charged with sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl.

For the past four months, we have publicly exposed our souls and shared stories of the devastating treatments we received in the hands of our sport, the letter said. We have called for an independent third-party investigation to address the systematic culture of abuse that is prevalent in Canadian gymnastics.

GymCan recently announced an entrustment McLaren Global Sports Solutions To proceed to Culture review Of the National Sports Federation. However, the gymnast rejected the study. Purchased and paid by the organization surveyed..

The gymnastics group, which originally had 70 members three months ago, will stop funding to prevent taxpayer money from being spent on what it considers inefficient and harmful to whiten the survivor’s experience. I am asking.

St-Onge has frozen funding for Hockey Canada after a state organization has dealt with alleged sexual assault and out-of-court settlements.

Thursday’s letter noted that Gym Can and Sport Canada were aware of a number of possible abuse complaints. GymCan CEO Ian Moss told Sport Canada CEO Vicki Walker in August 2020 in a recently released communication by TSN. Soon there may be a wave of historic complaints from athletes..

In April 2021 and again in December, the GymCan Board was urged by survivors to begin an independent third-party investigation into the sport.

The gymnast issued the first open letter on March 28, urging Sports Canada to proceed with the investigation.

According to this timeline, GymCan and Sport Canada were aware of allegations of systemic abuse in gymnastics and had the opportunity to act for at least two years, but did nothing and abused Canadian child athletes without intervention. I was able to continue. We wanted a better, more urgent response from you.

According to Thursday’s letter, the email to St-Onge was unanswered.

To date, your office has not taken steps to hold GymCan or Sport Canada accountable, and gymnasts say that all those who presided over this crisis of abuse remain in an authoritative position. I am writing. There was no accountability or meaningful action … I don’t know if starting the requested investigation prevented this latest example of catastrophic abuse (lethbridge).

But your negligence sends a clear message to all young gymnasts that their sports abuse is not worth your attention. Your negligence sends a message to all invaders and predators that the season is open for Jim’s invaders. Your negligence sends a message to all accomplices of these abuses that they will not be held liable if they close their eyes. Your lack of action makes you more and more collusion.

Gymnasts say that if a third-party investigation not only provides information to help end their sport abuse, but also allows the toxic culture to continue, the government will hold them accountable. Can be sent to all sports organizations.

Sarah-Eve Pelletier, Canada’s first Sports Integrity Commissioner, began processing on June 20 after receiving complaints of sports abuse. She was expected to be flooded with complaints shortly after opening, but it was unclear if historical complaints could be heard.

Our shared experience of emotional, physical, psychological and sexual abuse holds the valuable truth that we really need to be revealed in order to change things, gymnastics athletes. Wrote. Survivor stories need to be investigated to understand how abuse has been rampant in the Canadian system for decades. To ignore the past is to risk repeating it. And now, at gyms across Canada, the past is repeating. Abuse is repeated. And the children pay the price.

The Minister of Sports needs to work with us to initiate a long postponed investigation. The Minister of Sports needs to work with us to initiate the long-awaited investigation.The safety of Canadian children depends on your actions and courageI concluded.