Canadian Sports: Funding for the Federation will be reviewed

Minister Pascal Sto Onji will review and take responsibility for the funding of the Canadian Sports Federation in April 2023 following the recent exposure to abuse, abuse and mismanagement by hundreds of athletes. Was announced.

This decision is one of the steps that the Canadian Sports Minister wants to take to protect Canadian athletes in the context of a “safe sports crisis,” as she calls it herself.

In recent months, players from several Canadian federations, including boxing, gymnastics, skeletons, and bobsleighs, have issued open letters condemning various abuses allegedly victims.

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For example, some gymnasts say they were beaten by a coach or forced to train until they were exhausted. Others said they had been under pressure for years to lose weight.

“The connection to my system is primarily funded,” says St-Onge.

The minister pointed out that the beacon has not yet been established. “We can’t change everything in a few weeks, but we wanted to publicly follow up on the discussions we had. [depuis les tables rondes de mars] And the work we did, “she added.

Therefore, M.myself St-Onge has announced that federal-funded sports organizations must meet certain standards of control, accountability, and security.

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Prerequisites for these new standards will be developed by Sport Canada in the coming months. However, the National Sports Federation can expect their actions to be more closely monitored.

“This review is essential,” said the Minister. This enhances your ability to perform follow-up and validation to ensure that your organization meets the criteria. “

One of these new requirements, she said, is also to gradually mandate membership in the Sports Integrity Commissioner’s office.

Announced at the end of March, this independent committee, called BCIS, will begin operations on June 20. After the end of his sports career, he will be led by former artistic swimmer Sarah Yves Pelletier, who worked as a lawyer for the Canadian Olympic Committee.

The latest federal budget grants $ 16 million over three years to support BCIS. BCIS is responsible for receiving complaints.

“It gives athletes a clear path to abuse and cases of abuse,” Ms.myself St-Onge. This is a big step forward in our sports system. “

Yesterday, the Minister also announced the establishment of a committee of athletes so that they could hear their voice in the discussion.

“Our goal is to balance the performance and well-being of athletes in a sports system that works for and with them. We are confident in the system and in our lives. Everyone wants to rediscover the joy of representing sports in. “

Badly received by gymnasts

Yesterday’s announcement did not support Gymnasts4Change, the group behind the open letter exposing abuse in Gymnastics Canada.

“We don’t have an abuse prevention strategy yet,” they wrote. log..What was discussed [hier] Abuse has already taken place, meaning that the burden remains on the shoulders of athletes who have to go through a difficult process.

“More than 1,000 Canadian athletes in multiple sports are waiting to solve existing problems. These can’t be solved by just looking forward to them. If you don’t look into the past, they’ll help them heal. I don’t have the opportunity to make any corrections. “

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