Canal + Internal Investigation Report Reveal

BFM TV INFO- Following the broadcast of the documentary Marie Portorano, many witnesses describe Pierre Ménez as a “countryman” with a canal and sporting atmosphere. But not as a sexual invader.

These are on page 7, erased with the word “confidential”, and Canal + does everything to keep it secret. Attendees must keep their phones and computers at the entrance while presenting this report to part of the Canal + Socio-Economic Committee in January 2021.

7 pages summarizing interviews conducted by staff representatives and one of the management after the documentary broadcast I’m not a bitch, I’m a journalist By Marie Portorano, a former sister of Pierre Menez, who deals with sexism in the world of sports journalism.

42-25 men and 17 women- Soccer club channel Or contacted Canal + Sports Department. According to this report, only 30 people were accepted. A testimony of “complete confidentiality” with no name or exact facts.

The report aims to measure “sexist and inappropriate behavior” around the show. Result: 7 consider themselves victims-2 men and 5 women. And 12 people say they have witnessed these actions. Of the five female victims, four say Pierre Menes, who left the channel after the documentary was broadcast, and one were killed by another.

Pierre Menes, “Countryside” humiliating better brilliance

Initial observations often describe the consultant as “a countryman with crude, vulgar and customary language,” and when he speaks to a woman, “often sexual and degrading qualities.” That is.

However, researchers recognize that this attitude is one of the reasons for his adoption. “He was hired for football expertise and had some tolerance on the part of management in his language to” spice “the show,” we can read. increase.

What should not be included in his contract is Pierre Menes’ “double action” described by some witnesses. According to the report, he can “extremely protect” those who admit that he has “some degree of legitimacy.” Therefore, research identifies that it was he who promoted the former sportswoman on air as a predecessor, a consultant.

But he also appears to be “vulgar and rebellious against the weakest,” the report said. The weakest are beginners, not only those who he considers “illegal”, but also those who are not drawn to the world of football, such as make-up artists.

Vulgar and provocative, he is also heading towards “people who can cover him up in the air,” according to these testimonies.

Depreciation that will increase over time: “His clumsy side was getting more and more tired, he is more and more because he did not change despite the remarks of his colleagues to calm him down. It wasn’t understood more and more: he was even pitiful, according to some. ” By the time some witnesses conclude, “The show’s climate is much milder without him.”

“What we are doing to him is an unfair trial,” accuses consultant lawyer Arash Delambash. “The humor of Pierre Menes has made a lot of people laugh for a long time. Everyone makes jokes. It’s a joke that needs to be put into context.” Lawyers combine this report as they pass through “identified locations, identified names, identified crime-free locations.” “This report isn’t worth anything,” he believes.

“There is no fact that corresponds to criminal qualification”

Therefore, according to this survey, Pierre Menes appears to be “thankful for being hated” but has not appeared as a sex offender.

Indeed, there is no testimony that “he expected sexual favors in return for his actions.” The report admits that “facts related to criminal status are reported to the court” and that no sexual assault, sexual harassment or moral harassment was found. “Probably except for the kissing event with Isabel Morrow and Francesca Antoniotti and the skirt event with Marie Portorano,” carefully designate the investigators.

The prosecution began a preliminary investigation into sexual assault and sexual harassment in early January, even if the report did not contain accurate details and did not contain facts that could qualify for criminal status. And, according to sources familiar with the matter, investigators recently asked to obtain contact details for those who testified in this report in order to summon them immediately.

Maxime Brandstaetter and Vincent Vantighem