Candidate Orleans welcomes Chinese team

Excluded RMC Sports-Thomas Renault, Deputy Mayor of the City of Orleans in charge of sports, will present a file exclusively for RMC SPORT to welcome the Chinese volleyball teams who are about to enter the French Championship from next fall. The coronation of the French king’s old town is based on its sports facilities and the experience of welcoming Chinese sportsmen.

What are the main axes of the project that the city of Orleans has presented to host a selection in China?

We have the infrastructure to welcome teams from China. Our asset is the availability of the City Gymnasium in collaboration with two volleyball clubs. There is a sports hall with 3,500 seats and a new 10,000-seat arena CO’MET from January 2023. This room hosts a basketball team leaving the sports hall. Next to the arena is Zenith, which has 6,500 seats and already has basketball games. There is also a stadium with an athletics field and two pools.

Is it free?

You can make the training gymnasium available. On the other hand, when it comes to hosting championship matches, you need to decide who will manage these meetings. Either our club or China’s choice. When we receive the national team, it pays the rent for the room. After that, the amount of this rent needs to be negotiated in the long run, depending on whether China uses sports halls or comets. There is modularity according to the room to be used.

Do you take care of your accommodation and meals?

Our partner, the Partner Agency, is responsible for the accommodation and catering components. She knows our territory well and takes care of the daily life of volleyball players. We work in symbiosis. Athletes love apartment hotel type accommodations. Therefore, Chinese swordfighters and swordfighters are permanently in this type of independent accommodation because they can cook and meet together while in individual accommodation. Perhaps the fence and the volleyball delegation will meet again.

Why is Orleans a candidate to host the Chinese Volleyball Team?

Beyond the actual projects surrounding local volleyball teams, especially the USO Women’s Team, Orleans held the Golden League semi-finals and finals in the Sports Hall last June, when Le Bruce won. I also applied for VNL (Volleyball Nations League, Editor’s Note) for the next three years. Therefore, it was natural to see it when this file was presented, especially since we have had the experience of welcoming Chinese athletes. Thanks to the agreement with the Chris Chamberwer Academy, Orleans has already been the residence of the swordfighters and swordfighters of the Chinese fencing team for eight months. A delegation of about 20 people is preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics in Orléans.

Orléans is more than 100km away from Paris …

From Paris, 1 hour from Gare d’Austerlitz and 30 km from the city, there is a private airport. Service from the capital is good as countries require training courses and base camps before the 2024 Paris Olympics. Imagine having a large audience in a particular match.

Is the file closed?

Yes, everyone is on vacation today and is waiting for a national decision at this conference at the Ministry of Sports on Friday. If our file is accepted, Orleans will put Chinese players and their staff in the best possible position.