Cascarino Elusive, Miedema Too Fair … France-Our Tops After the Netherlands and Our Flop

Find the one that caught the attention of the editorial staff after Bruce passed the qualifying in the Euro semifinal (1-0) against the Netherlands.


Delphine Cascarino, a low-reward festival

Like the euro, which has been particularly successful so far, Lyon wisp has held a real festival and dizzy the Dutch. Simply put, Delphine Cascarino misses the goal of achieving a perfect match. This could have happened in the 27th minute when she fired a great volley, but the ball hit the base of the opponent’s goalkeeper’s post after being hit once. When she repelled a good attempt from the French winger, it wasn’t at the end of the downtime, returning to her favorite right side with the exit of Mallard and the refocusing of Diani. The Lyon style was arguably the best blue of the quarter.

Wall tiffany van der gragut

Saving the ball on his line is already rare for a defender. But the second is the exception. Still, this is the performance Stephanie van der Grat achieved this Saturday. All flat in 5 minutes.First at 36e Minutes, in an attempt 5 meters from the Melvine Mallard, which the Lyon wind sent straight to her. In this case, as always, it’s hard to determine whether the benefits are attributed to a well-placed defender, or if an attacker fails to place her exactly where she shouldn’t be. ..Still at 41eVan der Grat preferred to play a gorgeous goalkeeper in Grace Gayoro’s attempt to repel her almost miraculously.

Dutch (almost) heroine, Daphne van Domselaar

She said she only played Sari van Fenendaal’s Understudy in this euro. She was only 22 years old to learn. However, in the end, the injuries of PSV Eindhoven goalkeeper and Daphne Fundomseller were completely revealed. She made a decisive stop on what she fully envisioned, especially in this quarterfinal. Especially in the extra time regulation against Delphine Cascarino, the header from Wendy Lunar managed to bias her at her fingertips. Finally, she was penalized by Eve Perist, who was very close to her conversion, as she kneeled down on her knee. At the end of the match … 10 saves. excuse me…


Lack of blues realism

Indeed, the Dutch goalkeeper had a great match. Sure, this post was awkward for shots from Cascarino. Indeed, Dutch resistance would have been miraculous at times. But this is also due to the horrific lack of realism in Butler Corinne’s daughters. It took 32 shots (!) For Le Bruce to score an unfortunate little goal. Melvine Mallard, who promised Iceland peace of mind, sank in Marie Antoinette Katoto’s costume this Saturday.And France’s top scorer in the euro, Grace Gayoro, put his head close next to the 87, symbolizing this lack of opportunism.e When she had an empty goal in front of her.

Vivian Miedema Ghost

This image is cruel to one of the best players in the world and can hardly move in the second half of overtime, probably due to cramps. Or the result of Covid-19, who robbed her of the previous two games in the Netherlands. Still, Vivianne Miedema, despite all her talents, passed this quarterfinal like a lost soul and couldn’t get a few chances, everything, speed, percussion and technical accuracy. Lacking Catastrophic performances like the whole Netherlands existed for only 15 minutes when the second period resumed. However, it is difficult to win because you can only aim for one shot in 120 minutes.