Castor. OMEPS in every aspect to support sports clubs

The Physical Education and Sports City Hall held a general meeting. An opportunity to remember all the actions of this structure coming to the support of the city association.

“I just hear good things from you, the club is happy, we feel really dynamic,” said Laurent Picousa, Deputy Mayor of Castor, who is in charge of sports, at OMEPS Fernando de Ameida. I confess to the president. Exchanges at the General Assembly of the Glujade-based Physical Education and Sports City Hall have allowed us to create an assessment of the organization’s activities and support for 65 member sports associations. Starting with the promotion of these clubs through the Sports and Leisure Forum held at the end of August last year, 54 associations have gathered to celebrate their 10th anniversary and introduce their activities to 4,100 visitors. Or even through a sports guide published each season by OMEPS, or its website or social network. “Despite the complex years of two years, the dynamic OMEPS team has responded to ensure its core mission and service,” said a sports course that brought together 233 children during school vacation. Confirm the president who succeeded in maintaining activities such as for 7 weeks. Or even the Pink October sports gathering, which attracted 300 participants, is a “record” that makes it possible to raise € 1,350 donations for the league against cancer. As with any activity, don’t forget the first edition of Santa Claus’s journey, which will be updated with two new routes and timed races this year.

But much of OMEPS’s actions are in the support it can bring to city clubs. We are already pooling our resources by offering minibuses, burnhams, conference rooms, video projectors, sound systems and a variety of other small devices. And in addition to this material assistance, OMEPS provides support and advice to association volunteers in managing their clubs. It can provide information on the creation, management, development, rights and obligations of the association, volunteer support, associative work creation … In 2021, structural staff produced, for example, 1,082. I did. Pay slips for 128 employees of 36 associations. He accompanies, but also manages, pure financial associations such as accounting follow-ups, account presentations, and advice on grant application files.

Finally, OMEPS reminds school children of many actions aimed at all audiences, especially at the Heart and Health Club, to combat sedentary lifestyles and raise awareness of good nutrition and nutrition. It plays a major role in sports. The office also offers educational success programs aimed at helping children take a step forward in integration, openness to others, and freeing them from their daily lives. In 2021, 29 children aged 6-14 years participated in the activity when behavioral problems and lack of bearings were detected. This operation helps find a balance between the mind and body of children who are difficult to integrate.

In short, OMEPS, created 40 years ago, offers a wide range of actions that are essential to Castor’s sporting life.

Board of directors elected for four years

This General Assembly was an opportunity to change the OMEPS legislation to allow the president to be elected for a four-year term instead of two. “Place”, Fernando de Almeida explains. And the election was held at once. The elected office members are: President Fernando de Ameida (Castres Sports Nautiques), Vice President Nicolas Calvel (Tennis Club du Sidobre), Accountant Sophie Calvel (Castres Hockey Club), Assistant Accountant Christian Thoury (Castres Massaguel Volley-Ball), Secretary Natalie Monsarat (Dance) Club 81), Assistant Secretary Jean-Marie Cellars (Castres Sports Nautix). Steering Committee members: Patrick Mourières (Heart and Health Club), Jean Fabries (Castres Yoseikan), Gilles Fourment (Les Archers du Sidobre), Frédéric Muron (Tennis Club du Travet).