Champions League: Towels burn between French and English after a blunder

The Champions League final, where Real Madrid won 1-0 against Liverpool on Saturday, May 28, was hurt by a number of incidents that occurred as bystanders of the match. Two days after the match, French and English blame each other.

Two days later, chaotic scenes around the Stade de France, fights, tickets shocked by the intervention of police and theft victims, attempts by unfanned individuals to break in, new sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera Has to take care of her first crisis.

“With the Minister of the Interior, we mourn the incident that hurt the Champions League night on Saturday night at the Stade de France and regret that some supporters with tickets were unable to participate in the match.” She explained. A statement released on Sunday.

Even if there are no serious injuries, there are many questions. How could the long-awaited European football celebration be ruined and turned into a tragedy when nearly 7,000 police officers, gendarmerie and firefighters were mobilized, not to mention civilian guards? Why was the pre-screening system 200 meters away from the stadium quickly overwhelmed by the influx of Liverpool supporters, creating a bottleneck? How are youth gangs in a position to force themselves into the premises? If there is no exact answer, French and English will blame each other.

“Naughty Stadium”

The question comes first from England. There, supporters returning from Paris, Liverpool clubs, local governments like the mayor “sick of miserable management and brutal treatment”, and the public do not take off.

Especially terrible, Liverpool police around the Stade de France have determined that the “majority” of British supporters “have been exemplary”, attributed to the Interior Minister from Saturday night. became. Gerald Dalmanin, “Thousands of British supporters who don’t have tickets or have fake tickets that have been forced to enter.”

When @ AOC1978, At the Security Headquarters in Stade de France. Thousands of British “supporters” were forced into the country, either without tickets or with counterfeit tickets, and sometimes attacked Steward. Thanks to so many police who were mobilized tonight in this difficult situation.

— Gerald Dharmanin (@GDarmanin) May 28, 2022

In addition to Liverpool’s defeat (1-0), British media alleged the serious failure seen by bystanders at the conference due to the difficulty in accessing Saint-Denis’ enclosure, which delayed the kick-off. increase. He postponed the match for more than 30 minutes, causing tension away from home.

Tabloid Sun Marvin Matip, brother of Reds advocate Joël Matip, said he had to evacuate to a restaurant with his pregnant wife to escape the tear gas with the title in French (“Stade de Farce”). The most influential in Matip’s testimony is in their direction.

“Multiple responsibilities”

At RTL Monday morning, Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra was also unfriendly to the Liverpool club and accused him of “leaving his supporters in the wild,” unlike Real Madrid, who accompanied them from start to finish. “The fact that the Real Club oversaw the supporters’ visit to Paris was in stark contrast to the Liverpool club’s leaving the supporters in the wild and made a big difference.” Estimated the new minister two days after the failure.

Asked about the number of English spectators who do not have tickets, she quoted the numbers “fake tickets” and “no tickets” for 30-40,000 people. Asked specifically about the proportion of counterfeit banknotes, she said, “We will look at it all.” “We need to figure out where these counterfeit tickets come from,” she added.

In a report submitted to the French Interior Minister on Sunday, Paris Police Chief Didier Lallement said that “more than 80,000 qualified at the stadium, probably between 30,000 and 40,000” Estimating the number. He also decided to take legal action against “massive counterfeit fraud”.

The Minister of Sport has already mentioned “multiple responsibilities”, citing “the lack of steward at the level planned by the French Football Federation, the problem of cramped control areas”. And the idea behind “optimizing everything you need in anticipation of the Rugby World Cup, the Olympics and the Paralympics.”