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On May 28th, CANAL + will host the Champions League final, the first and most anticipated European event in history.

The true challenge of CANAL + in this 67th edition, played at Saint-Denis in the Stade de France, France. The final will be broadcast in more than 200 countries and will attract an average of 130 million viewers.

The CANAL + team is mobilizing all resources to provide unique and innovative services to all broadcasters around the world.

In terms of emissions, the launch will take place all week long, especially the new daily meetings will be clearly broadcast on CANAL +: “La Semainedes Champions”.

From Monday to Friday from 7:05 to 8 pm, Nicolas Tourriol is surrounded by journalists and sports editorial consultants, excellent guests commenting on the news, and great champions and personalities of all disciplines.

In this special week, the stars will be honored with a focus on the Champions League Real Madrid and Liverpool seasons.

Formula 1® World Championship champions will be rewarded with the Monaco Grand Prix approaching, Italy’s MotoGP ™ on the Mugello track, and the D1 Arkema champion in a PSG / LYON clash on Sunday night. Top 14 final stage and Champions Cup finals, tennis at Roland Gallos, League 1 and League 2 playoffs, Europa Conference League finals … all sports news is shown in images and guests.

Champions League final

CANAL + program

From May 23rd (Monday) to May 27th (Friday)

7:05 pm .: CANAL + Champions Week

Saturday, May 28

6:45 pm: May 28, 2022-2022 Champions League final stage document following Real Madrid and Liverpool courses on CANAL +

7:50 pm .: CANAL + CANAL CHAMPIONS CLUB was announced by Hervé Mathoux with Laure Boulleau, Eric Abidal, Samir Nasri and Gauthier Kuntzmann.

9pm: CANAL + LIVERPOOL / REAL MADRID commented in an interview with Paul Tchoukriel and Habib Beye, Dominique Armand and Joris Sabi.

10:55 pm .: CCC-CANAL + debriefing

Technical and logistic devices for the final

5 semi-trailers

4 OB vans:

+ 40 cameras in and around the stadium

One helicopter to track the arrival of club players and all activities around the stadium

1 Get closer to the player with a 3D aerial camera on the rooftop of the Stade de France

Nearly 200 people were mobilized on D-Day at the studios in the Stade de France and Boulogne Biancourt.

In parallel with the broadcast of the match on CANAL +, myCANAL offers a specific stream with 4K HDR Dolby Vision 8.4 Dolby Atmos, Binoral Sound (on compatible Apple and Android devices), Stade de France.

Thierry Cheleman – CANAL + Group Sports Director

“It’s a real pride and honor for CANAL + to produce the Champions League final. This is the first time in history and we measure our responsibility to produce this event for all broadcasters.

The Champions League semi-finals were extraordinary. I hope it will be the same in the final. On May 28th, all eyes will be on the Stade de France and all CANAL + teams will be mobilized to offer the best shows and the most beautiful experiences. Dive into the center of the event and get as close as possible to the player. And of action.

Before that, French viewers will be spoiled and the rise in power will be around a new major daily meeting specially offered in clear every night from Monday to Friday.