Changes on Tuesday, March 1st: Good News and Bad News

Like every month, some changes occur on the first day of the month. March is no exception. La Dépêche details these major changes.

What changes will take effect in March 2022? Rising tobacco prices, restaurant tickets, mandatory indications of meat origin … as well as details of all these new features are given below.

More expensive cigarettes

Some cigarette brands have been raising prices since Tuesday. The increase is 10 cents. For example, the Maya Green Spirit drops from € 9.70 to € 9.80 for 20 cigarettes. The same is true for Maya Green 100% Tobacco Paper Filters, Maya Spirit 100% Tobacco Paper Filters, or Maya Green Spirit Paper Filters. For cigars, the Davidoff Anniversary Double R for 25 cigars will increase by 50 cents to 40 euros. Conversely, the price of some rolling tobacco is falling. -For a 55 gram news special cut L (pouch), it will be from 10 cents to 25.2 euros.

The restaurant ticket limit has been extended

To assist restaurant owners, the government has decided to extend the increase in food voucher limits. It is set at 38 euros until June 30, 2022. The measure was expected to end on February 28 and return up to € 19. Four million employees benefit from restaurant tickets.

Holiday Voucher 2021: 1 month extension

If you have a Holiday Voucher that expires from 31st December 2021 and costs more than € 30, you can redeem it for another 2 years until 31st March 2022. For more information, please visit the website

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Dependent allowance payments made easier

A new public maintenance service was established by the government. Unless the divorced parents refuse, all new dependent allowance payments must go through the CAF and MSA-managed dependent allowance collection and intermediaries. Divorce in front of the judge will take effect on Tuesday, otherwise it will take effect January 1, 2023.

Prime Macron: Last month

Only one month left for the employer to pay the Macron bonus to the employee. The deadline is March 31, 2022. For employees whose total income does not exceed € 4,809.45 per month, the total bonus can reach € 2,000.

The origin of the meat shown

To date, only beef origins need to be displayed. From March 1st, this obligation applies to all meats (pork, chicken, mutton, mutton). Mandatory posts are about restaurants, company and hospital restaurants, and school cafeterias.

Last day of voter list

If you’re still not on the electoral list and want to vote for the April 10th and 24th presidential elections, you can do so in a few days. The deadline is Wednesday, March 2nd on the Internet and Friday, March 4th on the City Hall. Click here for instructions.

Toulouse: ZFE takes effect

ZFE is a “low emission zone”. Starting Tuesday, professional vehicles equipped with the Crit’Arir 5 sticker will not be able to circulate in Toulouse around the ring road, as well as in Colomiers and Tournefeuille. Objective: Keep away the most polluted vehicles. Paris or Lyon have already applied this measure. Click here for more information on the new obligations.