‘Changing’ Sports Holiday Center

The first group arrived from the neighborhoods of Vaux-en-Véran, Lilieu-la-Pape, Roubaix and even Valenciennes at the beginning of July and are relayed in August by other members who are now members of the Association of the Favelas of Rio. . From São Paulo, Brazil, Harlem to New York, south of Chicago. The first summer holiday and training center that Sport dans la ville opened at his Poët-Laval in the Drôme at the end of June is in full operation.

broad partnership

The National Association for Integration Through Sport has completely renovated this site of approximately 30 hectares (out of a set of 107 hectares partially operated by ONF) on Lilieu-La-Pape property. (see below). With 2,500 m2 of living space, the building has a kitchen and dining area, meeting rooms and 60 bed rooms. The park has about 70 beds in large tents, a swimming pool, soccer, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts and a permaculture garden.

Investment amount: approx. EUR 7.5 million. To finance it, Sport dans la ville received grants from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (1.4 million euros) and the state (1 million euros under the National Fund for Regional Plan Development). Drôme Provençale). But his €5 million contribution by private partners, including the Bettencourt Schuler Foundation, also brings him up to €1 million.

“We have been supporting Sport dans la ville for 13 years already. One Olivier Brault explains. These actions, with thoughtful governance, allow everyone to find their place in society. “

chosen for ability

For this specific purpose, these partners and the city of Lilieu-la-Pape have participated in the development of a “transformation” project for the trainees of the place, said Philippe Odou, the city’s director of sport. I will explain. These are selected based on merit. We task him with identifying young people who are behaving positively, using an evaluation grid, in an objective way. “

“These children, who have shown punctuality, regularity, politeness, personal devotion, respect and compassion, are entitled to stay at holiday centers and carry a very powerful message to others. ‘” he continues. “

However, in the first summer of operation, a “quota” was set according to the size of the sports center and to overrepresent the girls. Aim: “To ensure balance in the group,” she comments Philippe Oddou, but also to stimulate “word of mouth” that can deliver a message in favor of women’s sport.

Word of mouth that should make other young people want to stay at La Chabote. “To reassure parents and their children a little, they will come with a sports educator who knows them, designate a superintendent. I’m worried.”

boot camp and training

The project, designed by a professional company, is based on learning through experience and group dynamics, and has four “pedagogical pillars”.

  1. “Open your heart to others”,
  2. “Living with Nature”
  3. “Move more”
  4. “Eat well”.

In fact, in addition to the sports activities that take place in the morning, the stay also includes participation in artistic workshops and gardening and cooking. Programs used at other times of the year for other profiles: Sport dans la ville organizes mobilization stays, support and coaching for children in school dropout situations, Entrepreneurs dans la Organize young project leaders in ville. program.

Finally, La Chabotte should allow application internships for people trained in the hotel and catering industry, receptionists, or green spaces. Already this summer, her four young people preparing for Bafa are helping her 15 supervisors at the center.

Win-win partnership with popular local governments

“The city acquired the site in 1987 and made it a point to bring families on vacation,” explains Abdelhassid Daas, a sports assistant in Lilieu-la-Pape, a popular town in the Lyon area. Mr. In the face of high costs, the idea of ​​selling was raised in 2014. But people are attached to this place, so we were rather looking for what we could do there. “

The elected officials then called on La Chabot to be given a “sporting side”. A soccer field and another basketball court were built there, and clubs in the commune encouraged their organization with a purpose contract signed with the municipality. Seasonal preparation courses and other stays (value for money).

But to develop this “sporting side”, we needed a professional partner. Rillieux-la-Pape therefore launched a tender for his La Chabotte operation and chose Sport dans la ville. “Our municipality is rich in sports clubs, and we work well with this association that uses sport as a lever for youth integration.”

Sport dans la ville operates two soccer fields and one basketball court in Lileu-La-Pape and works with several clubs to benefit approximately 700 children and teenagers. These represent about 50 of his 350 young trainees this summer. However, his 30-year contract with Sport dans la ville also planned for the club’s continued participation. We are proud of this truly win-win partnership. “