Chantereyne Project: Answers to Questions from Cherbourg Residents

This future sports hall will create a large reception hall, handball center, basketball center, judo and dance extensions.
This future sports hall will create a large reception hall, handball center, basketball center, judo and dance extensions. (© Architecture studio Chaix & Morelet Associés)

The very important project of the building was commissioned by the architectural studio Chaix & Morelet Associés. Transforming the Chanterain Complex into a sports hall..

A company that already has some zenith, including Paris, some stadiums, museums and more.

The sports hall is beautiful, practical, easily accessible and well serviced.

Benoit has arrivedMayor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

Hands, basketball, judo, dance in the limelight

Several installations will be made in the main building.

  • Large reception hall and ticket office Created in an office for caretakers, a security PC, a clinic, a changing room and locker area, two snacks, a shared shop for handball and a basketball club.
  • Handball center The press area, VIP box area, and TV camera area can accommodate an audience of approximately 3,400. The handball center also includes two meals for the general public and a toilet.
  • Basketball pole It can accommodate an audience of approximately 1,200, including a press area and a TV camera area. The basketball center also includes a public refreshment bar and toilet.

Each pole contains: Changing room / shower Treatment / physiotherapy room, referee changing room, clinic / doping control for players and school children.

Body preparation / weight training room Dedicated to two professional clubs (handball and basketball).

This Chanterrain project is suitable for our high level aspirations as we want to play in the professional league within a few years. We will be able to welcome more people, but the quality of reception will also improve.

Sylvain JohnFrance 3 President of USLG Cherbourg-en-Cotantan in Normandy

Similarly, every year, the sports hall can adapt and continue to welcome Tennis Challenger Two indoor courts and a sports and reception area are now available.

Finally, the project also includes a building reserved for judo and dance Creating a dojo and dance hall (Room change, shower, storage, etc.).

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It’s great to see such a project in Cherbourg. Beyond the sporty side, there are also important visual implications of doing good for you!

Alexis D.Internet users

Question from Cherbourgeois

Following the city council on March 30, a 3D view of the project was published on social networks, stimulating reaction from Internet users.We select and provide some of their questions Correspondence of local government..

Will taxes go up?

no.. “The budget is precisely managed so as not to affect the tax rate. The 2022 budget voted by the city council confirms that there is no tax increase. »»

Is there a parking space?

yes.. “Safe shelters for bicycles are also planned. Future new generation buses will also have easier post-match public transport access with new timetables until midnight on weekends. »»

Does reality correspond to 3D projects?

Yes. “The company chosen with the help of users is a very good signature with an international reputation. They have proved themselves in many other projects and, in their own words, Especially fascinated by this project because it is rare to build such a project in the center of the city with a lasting value and a multi-dedicated perspective. Applications that guarantee always useful equipment. Already, we have to regret the design of disposable sporting goods that is outsourced by the municipality and does not last for five years, eliminating the need for public investment. Therefore, they say that public investment is a true inhabitant. We are fully aware that we must meet our needs and expectations. »»

Do you have an ice rink?

no. “There was no doubt about handing over the ice rink to Chanterain. The ice rink is now a project led by the Cotentin urban community. »»

23.5 million

Displayed in euros, it is the total cost excluding VAT of the business.


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