Charles Leclerc and Ferrari lead, Max Verstappen and Red Bull lose at the end of the race

Ferrari executives Last season I admitted it in one word. 2021 is the year of transition and 2022 will see the horses rise again. Charles Leclerc’s pole was Scuderia’s first kick. That victory, Sunday, March 20, confirmed that thoroughbreds were probably a crack in power. And his driver, who won his record for the third time, is seriously competing for the driver’s title.

Current world champion Max Verstappen tried to tame the animals, but the Dutch had to be demoted to the infamous 19th place, a few kilometers away from the finish, and Maranello signed the double. Lewis Hamilton, who had been struggling during the race, miraculously went up to the podium.

But very quickly, Leclerc and Verstappen put the world between them and the rest of Peloton. There were only Ferrari and Red Bull on the night in Bahrain. By far, Lewis Hamilton was fighting the whimsical Mercedes. “I don’t hold these tires”, Trapped himself in noticing the Britons calmly on the radio. Far behind the leader’s other two teammates, Sainz and Perez, the seven-time World Champion has long been the first of “others”. I don’t know if that will satisfy him. A badly born Mercedes has something to do to catch up with Ferrari and Red Bull.

The spectacle provided by the two major single-seaters between laps 17 and 20 gave a clue as to what this season is: a razor between the Prince of Monaco and the King of Batavia. High-flying duel at the edge. Returning to Leclerc’s wheels thanks to the first pit stop, Verstappen activated the DRS, dropped Ferrari at the end of the straight at the expense of locked braking and took control … three more turns. Before giving. He managed to stay on his wings. This arm pass, the most beautiful of the Grand Prix, was ultimately very monotonous except at the end, repeated in the same way on the next two laps, and was worth the trip on its own.

If anyone wondered if the title of World Champion would calm the Dutch, the latter just provided a bitter answer. But despite all that pain, “Mad Max” had to lower its flag. Much more comfortable in the winding section, the red car couldn’t play this Sunday. And it wasn’t a safety car intervention, but 11 laps from the finish, and after a minor fire on Pierre Guthrie’s Alpha Tauri, this time it was planned to contribute to Red Bull’s interests. on the contrary. However, Verstappen, who returned to the main Ferrari wheels after the release of the truck, was too busy to contain Carlos Sainz Jr.’s attack in his exhaust.

And while the Austrian company abandoned it to secure second and fourth place, everything collapsed in a few hectometres. It was the first Verstappen to see his single-seater suddenly robbed of the battery, and all his competitors passed in front of him. Then, in the process, or almost, Sergio Perez, and third place made a mistake and surely cut Red Bull’s wings. Lewis Hamilton hasn’t participated in the game and hasn’t participated in the box yet, but at the end of the season he scored points that could be worth a lot. But for now, Ferrari will be the first big blow of the season in this first double since the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix.