Cheating | Which sport did you want to be a top athlete?

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Call all

And if you could be a top athlete, in what sport would you like to evolve?

Alexander Pratt

In baseball. Working conditions are invincible. First, warm up for a month in the sun in Florida or Arizona. When the season begins, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in North America, and it’s free almost every morning for three to four consecutive days. You usually do not play in the snow on sunny days, rarely in the rain. With the exception of Philadelphia, the fans are very respectful. Not to mention the salary, my faith is very competitive. In addition, I know how to throw a forkball. What should Baltimore Orioles try me and lose?

Catherine Harvey Pinar


Shorttrack speed skating is the perfect blend of durability, technique, strategy and, of course, speed.

Two answers. First, short track speed skating. The regulars in this column are not surprised. I also slid a long blade for the first time in 14 years a few weeks ago. This sport is a sublime blend of durability, technology, strategy and, of course, speed. It’s pure competition. Victory is the first to cross the finish line. Another caveat, of course, was that I wanted to be a professional hockey player. I played in front of a packed hole and dreamed of the Stanley Cup. Probably not just me.

Jean-Francois Teotonio

PHOTO MARTIN MEISSNER, Associated Press Archive

Imagine the goal of a Borussia Dortmund supporter. This is an exercise that our journalists do …

The perfect question for the lounge sportsman I am in. It allows me to dream a little. Beyond the fact that I don’t have high-level athletes, I need to provide a very specific answer. I wanted to be a professional soccer player. Are you surprised in the room? But I push the reflection a little more. I wanted to be a professional soccer player playing in a club with passionate, colorful, loud and imaginative fans. For example, Borussia Dortmund. Imagine scoring the goals of those fans. Imagine being the field leader of a team carried with great passion at the stand. Imagine winning from a historic clash with Bayern Munich. Or lead the club far in the Champions League. After that, they will be called by the national team of the World Cup. I am well aware that such clubs and the opportunity to play for such choices are only given to the clubs of the selected players. However, it doesn’t hurt to dream of coming out of the harsh winter, right?

Matthias Brunet

Photo JONATHANERNST, Reuters Archive

Great for golf, weather and heat lovers …

Team sports are more attractive in terms of group spirit, but I prefer sports that don’t leave the brain in pulp or are completely exhausted at age 40. I like being outside, I like the weather and the heat, and sometimes I want to pursue a career that spans decades. I love hockey and tennis, but I choose to be a professional golfer. Faithful cadets aren’t far apart, but I’m not aware that in personal sports, especially golf, the psychological pressure is much greater than in a lonely profession, but he does the most for me. An interesting advantage that will be a sport to put together.

Nicholas Richard


Soccer is strategic and brutal. Hard and fleeting. It’s demanding and rewarding.

This must be the most difficult question I have had to answer since I participated in this exercise. I wanted to do Bo Jackson myself and divide into several areas. Having played in almost every conceivable sport, from hockey and baseball to tennis and alpine skiing, golf and basketball, I think the world of football is where I most wanted to drill. I have little regrets, but I was able to find out where my failure to pursue this area led me. The only position I’ve ever played is a quarterback, and I’ve long dreamed of making that long deep pass to win the Super Bowl when there’s no time left on the scoreboard. This great sport is strategic and brutal. Hard and fleeting. It’s demanding and rewarding. The NFL is a unique league where you can play against tens of thousands of spectators each week against the ones you admire and the ones you admire. Salary … it gives the taste. And I didn’t say much about the Super Bowl game. Is there a final in a world of sports that is more spectacular and exciting than the Super Bowl? I don’t believe

Jean-Francois Trambray


Wrestling combines both physical strength and showmanship.

I have always had a (healthy) charm in the world of wrestling. Few sports have both physical fitness and showmanship. Circus can fall into this category, but circus behavior works the same no matter how the audience reacts. A wrestling match is a story that is slowly built with the energy of the crowd. The same applies to what is called a “promotion”. This is the moment you spend your time holding the microphone in your hand. Quebec’s wrestling culture is exceptional. There are hundreds of local wrestlers with crazy talent and unmistakable charisma. The state is also not so spectacular to fight under Kevin Owens, Sami Zain, Evil Uno, Stu Grimson, PCO, 2point0, Speedball Mike Bailey (his real name Emile Charles Vail Lagon Labelju). I didn’t feel it) or Lufisto (in honor of this, by the way). All of these wrestlers are good at rings, but they also develop great showmanship. When I was young, I did a little (just a little!) Show wrestling. Few offer more adrenaline than the reaction of the audience, but in some cases the audience is small. I don’t know the thrill that Kevin Owens felt received the flex on the floor managed by Stone Cold Steve Austin in front of 75,000 people in WrestleMania. But he tells a lie when he says it’s an emotion he never dreamed of.