Chef Valery Gergiev released by his agent and persona non grata at the Philharmonic de Paris

“Protecting the interests of the Maestro has become impossible and clearly undesirable for us,” explained his representative, Marcus Felsner.

The situation is becoming more and more difficult for Valery Gergiev. Near Vladimir Putin, the conductor sees his position outside Russia diminishing one by one. The boss of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, summoned to comment on the Russian government, especially the invasion of Ukraine by the Skala in Milan, is currently surrounded by walls in silence. And suffering from the consequences: on Sunday, his Austrian art agent Marcus Felsner dropped him in turn.

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“I am today Maestro Valery Gergiev That he is no longer a client of the Felsner artist “On Facebook, we announced art agent Marcus Felsner on Sunday. In the light of the criminal war that the Russian government has fought against the democratic and independent nations of Ukraine, and against the open society of Europe as a whole, it is impossible for us to protect the interests of Maestro Gergiev. And obviously no longer desirable. »»

If he doesn’t hesitate to explain what he represents since December 2020 “The greatest living conductor and extraordinary human beings “, Felsner still reveals his disagreement with the commitment of his partner “All art is political, but not all artists are politicians. But artists also make a clear difference between patriotism and active political support for their current government. I understand.

Marcus Felsner adds that this decision is difficult. “Personally I’m broken heart. This is the saddest day of my professional life.”..

Valery Gergiev, Mariinsky Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, saw his international career waning in the war in Ukraine.He confided to AFP that he met Vladimir Putin in 2018 near the Russian President for several years. “5-6 times a year”. Gergiev has always shown support and loyalty to the president, such as when Russia annexed Crimean in 2014, and has received a lot of criticism.

Expulsion of the conductor

Last Thursday, La Scala director Dominique Meyer and Mayor of Milan both became Valery Gergiev “Peaceful solution” Publicly at risk of being sanctioned and replaced for the Philharmonic show following the Russian invasion of Ukraine Queen of Spades , “We may find another maestro”, During a public debate in Milan, I represent Giuseppe Sarah, the chairman of the Scala Board of Directors.

The Carnegie Hall and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra also announced that the conductor was unable to perform the scheduled performance in New York last weekend. He was soon replaced by Yannick Nezesegan, music director of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. “This change is due to recent events in the world.”A spokeswoman for Carnegie Hall told AFP. Gergiev has also been banned from performing at Hayes Hall in Naples, Florida, and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra has stated that it would like to cancel the upcoming festival if Putin’s support does not stop.

Finally, on Monday afternoon, the Philharmonic de Paris announced that the next Maestro date had been cancelled. Gergiev, in particular, conducted the Tchaikovsky symphony set with the Paris Orchestra and Mariinsky Symphony in April, and replayed the symphony with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra in May.

Pianist Denis Matsuev, who had previously agreed with Vladimir Putin’s policy, was also absent during Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto on Friday, so Maestro was not the only subject of these protests.

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