China’s passion for the Winter Olympics boosts consumption and boosts capital markets

As the year began, the unprecedented excitement surrounding the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics boosted China’s consumer and capital markets. The enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of spectators has created new fashion trends in the rapidly changing consumer market of China and has helped regain investor interest in the country’s capital markets.

“Did you go skiing during the holidays? This is a question many Chinese asked their colleagues when they returned to work after the Chinese New Year holidays that ended on February 6.

(Photo / Xinhua News Agency)

With the opening of the Winter Olympics, this already popular type of sporting activity has transformed into a new form of consumption, and the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for skiing peaked during this holiday.

According to online travel service provider Qunar, skiing first appeared on the list of the top three words searched on the platform, doubling the number of ski resort tickets sold on the platform during vacations. .. Year. Meanwhile, according to data from China’s e-commerce giant JD, overall transaction value for ski sports products increased by 322% year-on-year and ski goggles increased by 15 during this period.

Skiing, once a niche activity since China’s successful bid for the 2015 Winter Olympics, is rapidly gaining popularity in the country. According to industry data, the number of skiers reached 13.05 million in 2019, almost doubling in 2014. Meanwhile, ski resorts will increase from 568 in 2015 to 770 in 2019 and are expected to exceed 1000 this year.

According to Alibaba’s travel arm, Fliggy, consumption data showed a national passion for skiing, traditional resorts in northeastern China, and covered resorts in the southern and southwestern parts of the country.

Given skiing, which is one of the most popular new sports in China’s surge in sports consumption, Ding Changfeng, a senior executive at Chinese real estate developer Vanke, said the number of ski trips to China this year. Ranked # 1 in Asia, by 2032 the world will reach 60 million heights.

In addition to the popularity of winter sports, the passion of the Olympics has also boosted sales of related products such as Olympic mascot products, specially designed sportswear and sportswear worn by renowned athletes.

The mascot of the 2022 Beijing Olympics Winter Olympics, Bindung Duen, shows the enthusiasm to own what the audience sees and loves. Mascot became JD’s most searched word in 11 cities and states on February 4, the first day of the game, flooding the official Olympic online store of the Tmalle Commerce Platform with more than a million people. A week after the 2022 Beijing Olympics, consumers will buy Bindung Duen, whether they’re participating in online flash sales or lining up outside licensed retail stores. I was actively looking for opportunities.

Social media trend topics also include a surge in demand for Olympic-themed sporting goods, such as down jackets worn by many national teams at the opening ceremony, panda-themed skateboards, and sportswear worn by Olympic champions. It’s spurring. Eileen Gu (Gu Ailing) and other elements.

This broad passion for the Olympics has permeated China’s capital markets, investors trust companies in a variety of Olympic-related areas, and entrepreneurs are ready to take advantage of the opportunities of the snow and ice industry. It shows that.

The extraordinary sales of Olympic-related products helped increase investment in suppliers. For example, the stock price of Beijing Yuanlong Yato Cultural Promotion Co., Ltd., an authorized manufacturer and retailer of Olympic products, rose nearly 50% in the first trading week of the year, while the stock price of ANTA Sports Products Ltd rose by nearly 50%, while the stock price of ANTA Sports Products Ltd was a major sporting goods. The company has reached its highest price since the beginning of 2022.

China Mobile Ltd also benefited from the rights to broadcast the game and collaboration with some well-known athletes, resulting in a double-digit increase in stock prices from February 7th to 11th.

In infrastructure construction, developers of Olympic venues and hotels such as Jangho Group Co Ltd and China Railway Group Ltd also reported rising stock prices.

Analysts at Guoyuan Securities pointed out the great potential for business opportunities in areas such as venue construction, sponsorship services, technical support, energy and transportation facilities, and licensed products.

In addition, China’s ice and snow industry is attracting more and more companies because of its great potential. As of January, more than one-third of the country’s 21,500 existing ice and snow projects have been so registered in the last two years.

At the same time, the investment and financing of ski-related companies has exceeded 185 million yuan ($ 29.23 million) since 2021, and the number of new companies in the ice and snow tourism sector has increased by 15% annually during 2018. -2020, according to industry data. According to industry reports, China’s ice and snow industry will grow from 270 billion yuan in 2015 to 600 billion yuan in 2020, and the industrial scale is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan by 2025. This represents about 20% of the total sports industry. ..