Christiane Taubila announces withdrawal from presidential election

Christiane Taubila announced on March 2, 2022, withdrawal from the 2022 presidential election in Paris.

After all, she didn’t go all the time. Christiane Taubila, who declared the last on the left as a candidate for the presidential election, has been forced to abandon Elysee’s race due to lack of sufficient sponsorship. She announced her withdrawal from her campaign at a press conference on Wednesday, March 2, at noon.

“I’m calling on you to put an end to useless suspense. Despite the mobilization of volunteers, my campaign team, a few from the popular primary, and many unrealized elections. Despite the official promise, it is clear that there are no 500 signatures needed to compete in the presidential election »».

At the end of the intervention, she herself “Express[t] publicly [s]Vote » In the first round “In the next week”.. Since his declaration of candidacy two months ago, it is even less likely that a former seal keeper’s candidacy will be maintained in mid-January. This is because it is difficult to gather the 500 sponsors needed by Friday, March 4th to confirm participation in the election.

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Criticism of the sponsorship system and parties

According to the last count of the Constitutional Council, it was on Tuesday The March signature was only 181 but 11 competitors, including Yannick Jadot, Anne Hidalgo, Fabien Roussel, Nathalie Arthaud and Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the left, were already above the threshold. Candidates announced the day before the field campaign was suspended to focus on collecting these valuable initials.

To justify the difficulty of his withdrawal and gathering sponsors from elected officials, Mmyself Taubira is his “Not a good hustle and bustle [s]Through people, but what it means. ” that’s why “Citizen’s Initiative”, Outside the party, it made it possible.She thus blamed the party “All that remains today is the ability to do harm.” In connection with the supposed block of his sponsorship.

“This candidacy is hampered by an administrative system that cannot survive this campaign. It has lived for the last few hours.” Before giving a blow, the former Minister of Justice argued: “We do not eliminate [les candidats] By the obsolete management process, but by the first round. »»

Christiane Taubila also, according to her, “We are not in a system of separation of powers, and this clearly raises the question of expression of general will.”

The left is “deadlock”

She also regretted it during her speech “left [soit] Inaudible” Or either “Failure”Estimate it “Ecology [elles] The risk of leaving this presidential election...The current ex-candidate presumed she had “Reach out without preconditions or conditions” To the competitor on the left “Unity on the left”But say: “It remains impossible. »»

M’s campaign since his victory at the popular Primary at the end of January, when his candidacy was selected by nearly 400,000 leftist supporters.myself Taubila had a hard time challenging the field.If she promised not to do so at the end of December “Another candidate”A former member of Guyana opposed the refusal of opponents on the left to participate in a referendum leading to a single candidacy.

Christiane Taubila was the only party official on February 14, after being criticized for additional and late candidacy at the Abbé Pierre Foundation in early February, or for her lack of acting, which was considered a failure. I lost support. Supported, Radical Party of the Left.