Christiane Taubila far from Mark

Christiane Taubila at a rally against the war in Ukraine, February 24, 2022, Place de la République in Paris.

From a strict mathematical point of view, Christiane Taubila’s candidacy for the presidential election is becoming less and less likely. Elysee candidates must justify 500 sponsorships with the Constitutional Council until 6 pm on Friday, March 4.For now, as the last gong approaches, following the penultimate wave of commits released on Tuesday In March, there are only 181 signatures. Even the optimism of Christian Paul, a former socialist adjutant (PS) and a major political ally, seems to be severely undermined. “We must not misunderstand bystanders, but rather show bulletproof clarity. It’s difficult, but that’s exactly what we need in the final stages. »»

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Christiane Taubila also, on Sunday, February 27th, to say the least, “Small issues of sponsorship”.. Nonetheless, in order to revive her last illusion, she decided to confuse the week of this campaign to focus on looking for missing signatures. “We mobilized 100 people and called about 20,000 local elected officials. », I’m not sure if his candidate plans to withdraw from the race even before the sponsorship ends. Details of Christian Paul: “” SOnly Christiane Taubila can decide. »»

Treat with nose

On Sunday she called as if nothing had happened “Transformation of Global Governance” After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United Nations explained:“Anachronistic instance” I regret the refusal of the UN Security Council resolution“Attack on Ukraine”, Because of Russia’s veto. However, his voice is hardly transmitted in the countryside. The next day she was not invited to Matignon by Prime Minister Jean Castex. Matignon intended to investigate the Ukrainian crisis with candidates who have won at least 300 sponsors. Snab as much as the inevitable reality: Aside from miracles, it’s a forced and premature abandonment of candidacy, and it’s actually temporary.

At the end of December 2021, Christiane Taubila declared her presidential candidate by participating in the popular primary election that nominated her on January 30th. She wanted to focus on her rally mission and reveal the situation on the left, weakened by a large number of candidates. Former Azara keeper Anne Hidalgo and / or Janic Jadot, whose political charisma, her lyricism, and polls are difficult, thanks to her assumed height as a politician. I imagined that it would be mechanically gathered in the panacea. A few days after the euphoria, the blast effect did not appear. Rather, she jumped into the intent of voting with constant regularity.

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So for two months she had only another candidate on the left. The installation of his small campaign team, the apparent lack of a thorough program, cobbled together, and the approximate or clumsy media intervention did not help his case. The campaign was so badly launched that it was abandoned on February 14 by the major political party, the Far Left Party (PRG). This meant spending a lot of money on funding and sponsorship to make the candidacy a reality.

“Anti-democratic dysfunction”

“For some reason, we’re going to weigh in.” Guaranteed the former minister during the weekend. But without qualifications, it is complicated to know now about Christiane Taubila’s future political actions. Does she support another candidate? Which one? She shouldn’t choose in a hurry. “Currently I’m talking to you, the issue isn’t being discussed. », Christian Paul says.

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She probably won’t be at least a Socialist candidate in polls. The relationship between Anne Hidalgo and Christiane Taubila has deteriorated significantly since the start of the campaign. “And there was also a form of blockade of sponsorship from PS. At least locally. It’s unprecedented and intolerable.” Christian Paul, who believes in this method of sponsorship, explains. I can’t survive. I call it a “sponsorship gate”. This is a set of undemocratic dysfunctions surrounding this system. It raises doubts that the 500,000 citizens of the popular Primary will not run for the presidential election. Moreover, today, everyone wants to change the way this candidate is selected with all their heart. “ It should be a little late for Christiane Taubila.